Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Sack...

I bought a Hot Possum Santa Sack pattern in a weak moment and I can't remember where, possibly at a quilt show. I have used their kits before and wasn't that impressed with the material contents as the material pieces weren't all the size or the applique they were designated for, never the less they were easy to use and to follow. The bonus of this material-less kit is that there are 4 different patterns to choose from, one being an angel and the other shapes might be useful for other things 'one day'.

So we started with
 Stars and halo using left over lining from a music bag made for a fellow recorder-ist, pink dress left over from the dinosaur cushion Lisa C made for Amelia a few birthdays ago, green spots left over from the cricket quilt, dark green form my slightly decreasing Xmas fabric stash, wings from the same stash!
 Then we machine blanket stitched (not overly well but for the purpose of speed it'll do!) Amelia traced and cut out her name and we ironed it on together. Material was one she chose froma  recent trip to Hobby Sew for the binding materials for the boys quilts.
The top elf frill was also left overs from the cricket quilt. The bells were a nightmare to sew on! The loop on the bell kept cutting the thread! But we have a very happy girl and a husband who suggested perhaps making one for each of us... Maybe next year dear! I am done for the time being :-)

Christmas Napkins

For what seems like forever I have wanted to have Christmas Napkins that I have made on my table, infact I would like to make fabric napkins for a number of 'eating occasions' and now I have had a go I will probably make some more, no, I will, no probably about it!

These came from not quite a metre of fabric at the end of a roll with 50% off Christmas fabric and I was charged for half a metre only so cost me $2.49! 8 napkins with enough fabric for 3 more or a runner... gotta love that!

And this is the plan for how they will look on the Christmas Table. *happy sigh*

Make it up as you go along skirt for Miss Alethea

Amelia has been learning recorder at school which she loves and is suprisingly good at! We have had a rather odd approach to paying for the lessons. As these are private lessons they are not covered in her school fees. Rather than paying a weekly fee the music teacher has suggested a barter type system and I am making her daughter a skirt, a night dress and a music bag with us paying for the material, a far swap I think! Alethea is also 'learning' sewing from me, although I am struggling to knwo how to teach her as I am, for the most part, self taught. I did do sewing at school and did well at it but the things we made were square things and not the most practical or skill generating.

With the lead up to Christmas being very busy and a pile of personal projects on the go I have only so far managed to do the skirt. Alethea had a big part in the making of this, she chosethe fabrics, helped sort the order of the layers out, determined the length of each layer and the finished skirt, putting the thread on the bobbin and doing some of the gathering. She was initially supposed to help with some of the sewing but the lure of jumbo chalk and a concrete driveway saw her otherwise occupied! She wanted a REALLY long skirt and that is what she has!

I used Alethea's hip measurement and multiplied x 1.8 to get the length of the teirs, i was going to use x 1.5 but as she wanted a super twirly skirt I went with a longer teir. I am not entirely happy with the top tier ratio but (and in the nicest possible way) even though I added 3" to the hip measurement it was quite tight across her bum and it would have been uncomfortable to wear. She ditched the skirt she turned up to our place in and wore this one to her Great Grandmother's 100th birthday party!

And we are happy to report it twirls rather spectacularly!

And, when that top teir is too tight we can take it off and turn the 2nd teir over for an elastic casing and have a slightly shorter skirt and a mum has got to be happy with getting more wear out of a bit of clothing!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Miss Margaret Mary

Amelia has a lovely friend at school called Maggie. We love Maggie to bits and her Mum and Dad and think it's mutual! Maggie and Amelia are an odd couple but best mates! Amelia is the tallest in the year and Maggie is amongst the shortest. They get on very well and I know Amelia would stick up for Maggie if she needed to! Maggie is pretty good at holding her own :-)

We saw some fabric in Spotlight a few shopping missions ago and Amelia and I both said 'this has got Maggie written all over it'. I love this whole 'story' of fabric. I am trying to scheme a way to make a 'something' for myself out of it! I don't usually like Spotlight patterns but this one appeals to the Nordic in me, I am sure there is some historical Viking buried in me somewhere! I decided Maggie needed a nightie made out of it. I know it is going to fit her better when she perhaps grows an inch or 2 but it's sweet, we like it and Amelia had to model it for me!

 And she lost another tooth, as in, we can't find it so she owes the Tooth Fairy!
I just love the pattern and the muted pinkness of this fabric. I hope Miss Maggie does too!

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Group

I always have such grande plans but life gets in the way and has a way of slowing me down or putting the stops on anything creative. I joined The Sewing Library on Facebook and via that someone has set up a 52 week challenge for 2012 which I have joined... The 52 Week New Years Sewalution!

It's a closed group, as in you request to join, but if the community is anything like the first one I joined (TSL) it is going to be a fun place to be :-) The ladies are so lovely and very very helpful! The weekly challenge doesn't have to be sewing, I think it can be anything crafty...

Here is my to do list for 2011

Cushions for the new house - ideally I would like a new couch for these to go on...
Dress for Lucy - needs to be in Paris by the 5 July
Quilt for Nathan - for his birthday needs to be done by July 1, Xmas gives me a bit more time
Quilt for Jarod - I'm thinking Xmas...

Blossom Creek - BOM 2,3,4 and the log cabining for blocks 1-4 and then the rest of it
Library bag for Amelia
Summer skirts for Amelia

Summer dresses for Amelia
Christmas placemats (that won't fall apart when you wash them) as gifts
Teachers Xmas gifts
Class mates Xmas gifts
Close friends hand made Xmassy something
Mermaid Doll Amelia bought at the quilt fair
Applique Xmas table piece - for Julie V in Paris

So in 2012 I plan to finish those AND...

Make 3 QUICK out door quilts, basic ones, just squares, we can wrap ourselves up in when having brekky in autumn.
Make my journal covers
Cushion covers for CGC
2 more winter nightdresses for Amelia
Skirt top layer for my 'Sari' underskirt
Placemats and tablecloths for us to use outdoors
Make up the Polar Fleece Jackets I cut out in 2004! Yikes!!!

And what ever else takes my fancy throughout the year, I am sure I will add to it.

Wish me luck! Why not come and join this group too? Let me know if you do ;-)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Teachers Gifts...

Oh what grande plans I had for these and wouldn't you know it... they are finished at 9.40pm the night before school finishes but our main teachers last day was today! Grr... SO annoyed! Anyhoo...

Ages ago these caught my eye... I thought 'hmm, pretty in Christmas fabric' and set about finding the time to cut the fabric out. With a 'know your sewing machine' course booked a few weeks ago I had to have a project that I was working on to the point I was unfamiliar with my machine at. So round one of cutting was done, some hasty sewing done and I was shown how to use the walking foot on my machine.

Then on Saturday I set about putting the binding on the mats. I tried to remember what I was quickly shown in the class but failed. I researched you tube sites and watched video after video but there was something in my brain blocking me from doing a mitred corner. No matter what I watched or how many times I tried my mats looked dreadful. The backs were messy, the mats mishappen. Not something I could give as a gift that's for sure! I unpicked, I tried again and again and again and then in a fit of rage I (gently) kicked my machine and threw the mats in the bin and stormed off to our bedroom in a major huff (not just because of the mats there were a LOT of factors on Saturday that lead to my explosion!

Determined not to let this get the better of me, I decided that Monday would have no distractions of housework, husband checking emails or playing cards and daughter wanting to help me so I set about again making the teachers gifts...

I prefered the original colour combinations I did but the machine binding a plain fabric on a plain fabric was a recipe for disaster as every stitch was visible and that was one of the things that made the mats look like Amelia had sewn them! So I wanted to change things a bit and put a patterned fabric on the back and the binding.

Knowing it was the binding I had the biggested problem with I remembered Jen does great tutorials on her blog so searched through and found this one. Very helpful! An my mitred corners are, well, 'almost perfect'. Now to work on keeping things square... not tonight though, too tired! I am not a perfectionist and half the joy of giving and receiving a gift is the thought that went into its creation...

So, Mrs. Connell, Mrs. Symmonds, Mrs. Garret and Miss. Phillips (and to a lesser extent Mrs. Torfique, Mrs. Allcorn and Mrs. Lazamatos) - thank you for being Amelia's teachers this year, thank you for helping her when she needed help, a cuddle when she fell off the play equipment, the direction in lessons, the extention in learning, the discipline when she was out of hand, the comfortor when she had a rough time in the play ground and was excluded from the 'club' of the moment and above all, helping shape the love of learning and wanting to know things that has given her a good foundation to her education. Amelia loves each and every one of you the same but perhaps Mrs. Connell juuuuuuuuuuuuuust a little bit more :-)

Amelia chose the mugs these go with and I think each choice reflects the teacher that it is for.

I made 5 but one isn't up to muster so I am not gifitng it. I might play with it and turn it into something else. I like the Dresden Wedge and have loads of ideas now on things I would like to make! Always running before I can walk...

Monday, November 21, 2011


Wow, what a job and a half these were but boy have I enjoyed doing them, the stress of the 'pattern' (even though I winged it most of the way) the colours the quilting patterns to use on them, glad theya re complete and can't WAIT to start the next one!!! Stef will divorce me for sure... maybe not if I use mainly stash fabrics...

So, here is the one for JRC... cricketing nut and perhaps talented enough to play for Australia one day, maybe. He is a very talented sportsman though so who knows!

I love the cricketing detail in the quilting, I love the burst of colours with teh red and the blue and I love the Blue that Amelia helped me choose for the binding, I think green would have been a mistake. Love love love!

And here is NJC's. The gheko's have grown on me and I like them now. You can't really see the detail too much on the quilt but I love the one clear lizard on the yellow panel...

This quilt had the potential to come across as really dark but the red border lifts it a bit and standing back and looking at it I like the bright blue and the yellow. The gold and black fabricI have used in the main body of the quilt close up is geometrical but in the photo it looks almost galactic. I am more than happy with both of these quilts and can't wait for Christmas till they can be given.

Yay for me!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Next stop binding...

We picked the quilts up yesterday and they look fantastic, especially the cricket one. I am a bit torn on the space one, I like the pattern we chose and hope NJ does as well... You see, the space themed patterns I had to choose from were quite babyish and didn't suit the maturity of the quilt or the child. So, we went for geckos, something NJ is into in a big way too. It is subtle and non descript but wonder if it will bug me like the extra triple row of stitching I should have put on the cricket balls...

The quilter, Tina, was a bit nervous as I told her they were my first ever quilts, she thought they wouldn't line up properly and was pleasantly surprised to see that they did! She said I had done a wonderful job on them both and I should be proud of my work (and I am!!). Her hubby really wanted the cricket quilt... not on your Nelly buster! Unless JR doesn't like it then we will talk price!

Anyhoo, Tina did a great job, they were turned around in 2 days which is just awesome and I will attempt the binding this weekend myself, which gives me time to get help if it all falls apart! Photos to follow...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The back of the space quilt

Racing back from my regular Thursday meeting I decided that the hour and a bit I had up my sleeve was going to be productive... rather than the hanging out on Facebook I usually do I sat at the sewing machine and sewed seam upon seam upon seam until I had one loooooong length of beautiful colours then I sat about pinning the seams to the backing making sure the seams would be sewn flat. If I had managed another 20 minutes I would have finished it before picking Amelia up but we came home from her music lesson and she took the pins out as I sewed the colours into the plain back. I am super dooper happy with it!

Each of the fabrics on the front are in the back and I have been left with very little scraps. Adding a personal touch to the front this weekend then off it goes to the quilters on Monday morning! Very nervous and can't wait to give these at Christmas time!

Oh and there is no getting her out of the pictures at the moment... (and no end to the crap that clutters my lounge room!)

And guess who wants a quilt...!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music bag #2

We had a bit of a disaster yesterday with my much loved Laura Star ironing board.

While emptying some boxes in the office and trying desperately to create some sense of empty and manoever in a very tight spot, I got a bit frustrated and pushed some boxes out the door and in the process knocked Laura over which had been stood upright and was leaning againsed the wall. There she was, minding her own business, slightly overhanging the door frame and she got a shove from behind and over she went, collecting the gas heater and the entertainment unit on her way down. Damaged quite badly, her water resevoir was smashed and the contents of the unit went all ove rthe carpet. I was not impressed as I was planning (as sad as it sounds) on ironing on Sunday... Now to try and get a replacement (they are $60) and debating whether to go to the shops and try David Jones for spare parts or wait till Tuesday and get Stef to pick one up in Chatswood at the Laura Star store.

So no nicely ironed fabrics to post but I do have a picture of the music bag we made for M...

We put the recorder pouch on an angle on M's bag as the symbols would have been laying on their side if I had put it up and down. He LOVES it which is all that matters!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oliver+S skirts and another music bag...

Amelia's music bag was a hit yesterday at school, so much so that I have been asked to make another for one of the boys in the recorder group. Let's call him M. M is coming home with me today as his mother is doing a course tonight and his father is a pilot and on his way to Frankfurt this week. M doesn't like being away from Mum and isn't good in new situations but I think giventhe chance M will be fine. We are coming home for afternoon tea, a spot of sewing, swimming lesson for missy if she isn't too snotty (has been brewing a bit of a cold over the last few days) then McDonalds for dinner (after a shower) home to watch a movie and finish the bag and by then Mum should be here.

We went to Spotlight after school yesterday and M chose some fabric based around 'the inside has to be gold, not yellow or orange but gold', very specific. Initially M wanted fabric with wisps on it but we couldn't find anything like that so he settled on a funky 'peace' symbol fabric instead. Purchased they went home and Amelia and I continued to look for some fabric for this summers Oliver+S skirt stash. 4 chosen and 1 for another M friend but a girl, so we will caller her ButterflyM as she had the Butterfly skirt from a few weeks ago... Interestingly Amelia chose more blues and crimsons than her mandatory pink, perhaps the phase might be over? Here's hoping anyway!

Washed they are awaiting pressing, cutting and sewing in a few hours... photo of nicely ironed fabric to follow!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music Bag

Last week our little champ started music lessons, nothing spectacular, don't expect her to be a muso but with parents who both have a musical history there is every chance Amelia might show a little talent. Finges crossed. Recorder today and who knows, maybe French Horn or Trumpet but more than likely flute like mum or piano accordian like daddy.

She came home with a scrapbook for music and other notes and her recorder last week and with lesson 2 being almost as exciting as girl guides she needed a bag to keep it all in.

Grandma bought some fat quarters over with her a few visits ago that we haven't found the right thing to use for and I picked up some shot tafetta at Lincraft ages ago which we used as part of the table decoration for her party a few weeks ago. Freshly washed and ironed and just waiting for the right project...

Not a profesionally done sewing project, very much make it up as I went along but she is happy and it fits the criteria of a long strap and a spot for her book and recorder. An hour before dinner, a whole reel of cotton thanks to a fancy stitch but who cares! Happy kid = happy mum...

bare feet and a jumper, the kid is weird... (must take that uniform hem down...!!!)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Quilt number 2

Waaaaay back, like a million years ago, well not quite but almost... Amelia chose a panel for N.J.C. A space mad boy, the brother of the cricketing mad boy, J.R.C. I blogged about it here...Okay so it's only 18 months ago, makes me feel a little bit better!

The weekend that has just passed sort of seemed full of nothing but things I wanted to do. Stef and I go through phases of being in tune with eachother then so far removed from each other it's not funny, the weekend that has just passed was one of those such weekends. I wanted to sew, needed to do my BAS. On Saturday it was a case of BAS 1, me NIL.

Sunday we had a play date with a friend from school and her parents. The boys talked work (her hubby is in IT recruitment) and us girls just chewed the fat on life and all its short comings. It was a lovely morning, don't get me wrong but I was hungry and needed a comfort stop when Stef pulled into the Aldi carpoark on the way home. Hmm. Shopping needed to be done but was done on the previso that I sewed for a few hours in the afternoon. It was and I did.

I made this...
Then some, okay a LOT, of input form Amelia I made the side panels, then today, putting everything on hold, I made the bottom panels and tah dah! It looks better than I could have thought it would! I am SO happy!!

This little man is also a bit batty on lizards and I bought a scrap of fabric with some aborigial drawings on it. I will cut a lizard out and put his initials and Xmas 11 on it and hand stitch it on a plain charcoal or blue spot.

I have the same fabric for the back as for J's quilt but in grey and black and will use some (not all because a lot of the fabrics have all been used on the front) of the left overs and do a row of squares like I have with the cricket fabric.

Sigh, happy happy finished 2 quilt tops! Now to quit and bind or get it done by someone... will come down to cost and availability....

Howzat the back and the detail...

I have always been 'amused' at the reverse of some of the quilts I have looked at on blogs as they clearly are not a replection of what is going on on the front. With J's quilt I decided that I didn't want a plain green back and I didnt want it to be more detailed than the front so I sewed a square or 2 of each of the fabrics from the front, sliced across the backing and added the row. I think it looks great!

Lovely toes in dire need of a coat of paint and puffy 'it's going to be a hot day tomorrow' feet. Charming!

Here are some pics of the front with the cricket balls on it and the detail on one. I really hope Mr. J.R.C. likes this! If not, it can go to his Granny Joan, just not sure of her middle name but we can always make it Rose!

 The idea is... that the batter on the big panel is hitting the balls and the balls are going off the quilt... you get that right?

Now deciding... do I get it quilted and bound or attempt to do it myself?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oliver + S Lazy Days skirt Sarah's way

Amelia had a little friend over for a play this morning/afternoon and before she got here Amelia spotted this butterfly fabric in the office. She asked what it was for, I said a skirt for her, she asked if there was enough fabric for her friend to have one too, yes there was... rummaging in my trim box I came across 2 lengths of pink satin ribbon, perfect!

And so 2 Oliver+S Lazy Days skirts were whipped up, ironed and oh so proudly worn home by Miss M and out to girl guides tonight!

And let me tell you Miss M's mum was pertty blown away! Serioulsy, half a meter of fabric and 120cm of satin ribbon, the most expensive thing was the ribbon... Will be hitting the stash and making more of these, Amelia's are all above her knee from a few years ago. So quick, so easy and so much gratitude all round!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have now discovered the way to get what I want is to write it on the calendar. I wanted a day of sewing, I wrote it on the calendar and that is exactly what I got today! Stef took Amelia to do the groceries which gave me about 90 minutes to myself. The first 90 minutes I have had since the 23rd Sept I will add!

So I set about measuring twice and cutting once after ironing the extra fabric I purchased last week and it all came together rather quickly, or the first bit did...

Very pleased with myself I am! Came together in no time at all and have an enormous sense of puff out chest pride!

In the original plan there was another 2 layers to add top and bottom but when I put this on our bed it looked long enough. I put the backing on it and there wasn't much overhang so I have decided to leave it at this...

It is big enough to wrap around me so will be huge for the 9 year old boy this is destined for at this size. 5 cricket balls to hand sew on and a 6th down the bottom with his initials and Merry Christmas 2011 and it can go off to the quilters depending on cost. Or I might give it a go myself... bit scared about that bit but if I 'stitch in the ditch' I should be fine :-)

I will give fabric names etc with the finished quilt, bit weary now.

Now on to his brothers...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

More than I can chew?

This is it... the big idea I had... cut and ready to sew... a bit more fabric to be added... a lot of time (and tears no doubt)...we have drafted and changed the pattern SO many times... I had to commit to it because I was making myself nervous... so I started cutting...

I have sewn 4 seams and stitched 6 balls, tomorrow I sew more...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Inspired Saturday. Frustrated Sunday.

Long before this weekend was on the calendar it was destined to be a pyjama day. Amelia LOVES these days. We usually sew and have a yummy lunch, do some more sewing, watch a movie maybe or read a story together. But most importatnly we sew. At our old house, this was usually always a Sunday and always when Stef was between night shifts, such as today was.

Stef has had some major changes happen at work and as a result he is no longer working night shifts. This is devastating really and as much as I bitch and moan about them, night shifts are what makes our world go around, in a big way! I love them and I hate them, but that is a blog post on its own and not here. I have previously moaned here...

So, in preparation for what I wanted to achieve today I spent 2 hours yesterday ironing fabric that had been purchased and washed during the week. One of my suppliers is almost permanently out of stock of one product in pink and I am fed up with loosing sales. Not a fan of disposable products I decided I could make a fabric reusable version and with  my colour consultant in tow,  we hit Spotlight after pick up one day last week.

What started as just making a pink version has ended up with 4 colourways... pink with polka dots and stripes, Purple with stars and polka dots, and black and white and red and white with spots and stripes. I think it is quite interesting Amelia didn't choose the same size dot and stripes for each colourway...

These will be table runners for parties, for present tables or buffets or what ever. I am not sure what the end size will be but I am looking forward to (eventually) making them.

I left these ironed and went off to a baby shower yesterday excited that a day of playing with fabric, designing these runners and using my rotarty cutter lay ahead of me today. That was until I started with the overlocker...

So many little overlocking jobs to do. Edge the Sari I have been loaned for the Bollywood ball this Friday night, put some bibs together for a friend at school for her disabled son, and edge the fabrics for the runners and play with some fancy thread for one of the colourways. Having recently done an overlocking course I was confident this machine wasn't going to get the better of me so set about making a dent in the pile of fabric!

I managed somehow to edge the Sari with little and limited problems which is a blessing as the owner of this Sari hasn't worn this at all yet! I was very nervous about edging it and I am very very nervous about wearing it and spilling a curry down it!

I set about cutting the runner fabrics with the offcuts and selvege edges being snaffled by madam who was armed with a long cardboard tube and a roll of sticky tape. She made quite the 'puppet' and entertained me through my frustrations with a puppet show involving 'the rain cloud'.

Sitting at the overlocker, first strip of fabric in hand I set off... 3 hours later, I had rethreaded the machine 30 or so times, been on You Tube, read the instruction manual AGAIN, rethreaded the machine AGAIN, I got the machine to work but one of the looper threads kept coming unthreaded from the looper arm. We decided to break for lunch and attack it again after a breath of fresh air.

Then I discovered another hole at the other end of the looper arm, thinking 'Eureka!' I thought I had cracked it. And I had, cracked the unthreading part but not the stitch. I couldn't get the loops right. I played with the stitch length, the diferential feed, the cutting width, everything I could think of. Then I gave up and got the sewing machine out!

Amelia chose a pattern by Little Red Jug Designs at a craft fair in February (I think!!) we went to. She cracked me up when she saw the pattern because she gushed like the best of them and declared she had to have it and had seen the perfect fabric a few stands ago. This kid amazes me with her colour carrying in her head, and the attention and retention of detail. So Gracie Mermaid Doll was added to the bag and off we went to the previous stand, passed the $3.50/$4 and $5 fat quarters, straight to the $6 fat quarters! She has style this kid! We chose a bright blue/turquoise for her tail and a flesh for her body. Paid for that then off we dashed back to the main hall for 'the PERFECT' hair (and she is right, it's pretty perfect) and to a ribbon man to spend the last of my $50 on a ribbon scrap bag.

Today Gracie doll was made a reality. Last weekend I cut her out and stitched her face and today she was Vlisoflixed, stitched, stuffed and came to life!

At least I achieved something today and Amelia went to bed (quite late) but very happy! Happy kid = happy mummy.

Now to tackle conquor the overlocker. Might have to have a trip back to Chatswood on Tuesday! But we do need some more Nespresso pods so it won't be a totally pointless journey...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A productive Afternoon - sort of

So I finally managed to move the boxes and the spare queen mattress we are waiting to be collected that's in front of the sewing cupboard to get the machine and other bits out. Several trips back and forth to the dining table and deep hunting in the cupboard I have been unable to locate the box with my cotton reels and bobbins in it. I have 3 of 4 small boxes for sewing but that all important 4th one, no idea! I can't remember seeing it since we moved in... Another reason to clear the crap out of the office and get it on eBay! I had enough colours to choose from, not perfect matches but good enough so I powered ahead!

Laying one of Amelia's long sleeved tee's on the fabric I well and truly winged this. Not quite as flowy as I wanted it to be but on a smaller child it might be okay. The idea is a top for the Godesses in the school play. I spied the fabric in Lincraft and it is the colour they want and has a bit of sparkle in it but at $12.95 a metre it might be out of budget as I think I would need 9 metres to make the tops for the 12 girls... I could ask if Lincraft would cut us a deal but I will see what the other wardrobe ladies think of the fabric first.

Next on the list was Lucy's dress for her birthday... Should have been in Paris last week, I started it sometime last year, then we put the house on the market and that was the end of that. All I had to do was the zip, the sleeves, hem the sleeves and a bit of decoration on the front. An hour tops! It's from Simplicity's 3588 and I have done dress D in a size 8. Lucy is 9 weeks older than Amelia so I am expecting it to fit her next year. I made one for Amelia last year but it is in the lost suitcase...

 My reluctant model...

 'Okay, Amelia I have a photo of you looking silly, now can I have a nice one?'
 Getting the hang of it...
'The pattern says it has a swirly skirt, can you see if it does?' 'Yep mum it sure does! Can you make me one of these dresses please!'

All I have to do now is sew the zip top in on one side, the button decoration on the front (no idea where the buttons ended up so I might make a trip to Spotlight or Lincraft for some more) and pop it in the post!

In my op shop finds the other week was a nice long sleeved dark blue striped shirt for Stef, the shirt fits him nicely but the sleeves were too tight around the forearm so we decided to make it into a short sleeved shirt. The truth about my dear husbands wardrobe is that his mum made 99% of his shirts, a long time ago! He has a lot of shirts but a few are beginning to show signs of wear now around the neck and looking a bit grotty under the arms and need to be retired. Not wanting to make him shirts and he has a reluctance for spending money on himself, so I don't mind modifying $3 label shirts from Anglicare! So, weilding the rotary cutter and a carefully placed pin I removed the sleeves! You should have seen Amelia's eyes... the size of saucers! 'Mum, what have you done to Daddy's shirt?!!' I explained that he knew I was doing it and the sleeves didn't fit and that made it all okay, in her eyes. Sewed the seam and another little job done!

And what with the off cuts, well Derence (the Dalmation puppy Amelia has had at her side for the past 4 years) now has a night dress, I sewed an off cut into a frill around the cut sleeve and presto, a night dress. I love the simplistic imagination of a child.

Then I started on an apron for my very good, but don't see enough of, friend Miss K. I gave Miss K a teatowel for Xmas that was yellow and had a lemon hand printed on it with a great saying on it, she cried she was so touched with it! When in a queue in Spotlight many weeks ago buying some material to make some curtains for my laundry (the sun through that window of a morning makes walking down the kitchen of a morning impossible!) I spotted some fabric with lemons on it and decided to make her a real Stepford wife frilly half apron as a bit of a joke because Miss K is as far from a Stepford wife as you could possibly be! She will see the humour. I bought a metre of fabric (for $4 I think) and cut 3x 10cm wide lengths for the frill, 2x 10cm lengths for the ties and then the apron panel. I am fully winging this design, it's in my head and if it doesn't work out, no big deal! The machine is on the end of the table and it will stay there. I will be rewarding myself doing some of my BAS this week with some sewing treats.

Next on the list is the curtains, my polar fleece jacket that I cut out 5 years ago!!!! then some dresses for Amelia for summer and some quilt throws for out the back for spring evenings, the boys Christmas quilts aaaannnddd.... a busy few months ahead but I am determined to get some of these projects ticked off.

But before I can do anything more, I need to find that last box! You can't sew without cottons and if all else fails I will be replacing them and 10 or so bobbins!

And there's more!

 We have one for one of the school mums who wears a lot of black, nice and colourful!
 One for Grandma...
 And one for one of the ladies at Mathers in Castle Towers...
And one for the other lady in Mathers at Castle Towers!

Seriously, these are SO easy to make... a good evening project in front of the telly...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On a (knitting) Roll!

Well and truly... I am not a knitter, knitting bores me, it takes too long and you have to pay too much attention to it, you use the one colour for ages and whatever you are knitting seems to take forever to grow. My mother has tried, I even think my Grandmother has tried to convince me to keep it up. I love knitted things, I wish I could stick it out but I can't...

That was until I discovered a wonderful wool display at Lincraft with a video demo playing of how to use the product... The product - Elicia Wool. $9.95 a ball. You can pretty much only make a scarf. Scarves are easy, and boy this is quick! No chance of getting bored with this little project. 6 stitches (they say 5 but I have done 6), stocking stitch, 4 hours, done!

This was the first 2 balls of wool that came home, one for Amelia and one for me. 2 pairs of needles? Yep, Amelia thought she'd be able to cope with this sort of knitting...

So I 'cast on' and set about knitting... this was about 10 minutes in...
This is what the 'wool' looks like...
 And this is about 20 minutes in, it kept my attention because it grew so quickly...

This one is mine, it was the second one I did  A khaki colour, really pretty. This is a 5 stitch one and really long. Had loads of compliments about it!

Then there was one for Jess our much loved babysitter who loved it!

 One for my very good KNITTER friend Lisa C!! I almost felt embarrassed giving this to her as her knitting skills are sensational and she has whipped up a few beautiful gifts for me, she buys super expensive lush wool (this is acrylic) and tackles complicated patterns... but she loved it! I think... :-)

 One for Aunty Coral. A pale lavendar and white.

This is all Amelia's doing, we went back to Lincraft at Belrose and she went straight for the display while I was looking at books and picked out more balls of wool, as she put them into my basket she said 'this one is for Lisa, this one for Jess and this is for Aunty Coral. I'd prefer a pink for Aunty Coral but there isn't one bright enough for her' Who is this person??!

Then on Monday, filling in a few hours while Stef slept we popped into another Lincraft at Dee Why and wow, what a great selection they had! Another 5 balls later....

This is also for Aunty Coral, more of her pink apparently.

5 stitches takes me about 7 hours to knit, 6 stitches I can bang them out in 4. (Corals had 6, then 7 and 8 for a period of a few rows, then back to 7... Too funny but if I hadn't told you you wouldn't have known) I am going to try using a portion of this wool as part of the godesses costumes for the Tempest Shakespear play at school, Might have some convincing to do but I think it will work.

I have 3 more to do, one for one of the school mums - in red, one for Grandma - in a deep caramel/brown, and I have a black ball who's destination is unknown...

I hope to get the machine out soon, really soon, I am having serious withdrawals!