Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Sack...

I bought a Hot Possum Santa Sack pattern in a weak moment and I can't remember where, possibly at a quilt show. I have used their kits before and wasn't that impressed with the material contents as the material pieces weren't all the size or the applique they were designated for, never the less they were easy to use and to follow. The bonus of this material-less kit is that there are 4 different patterns to choose from, one being an angel and the other shapes might be useful for other things 'one day'.

So we started with
 Stars and halo using left over lining from a music bag made for a fellow recorder-ist, pink dress left over from the dinosaur cushion Lisa C made for Amelia a few birthdays ago, green spots left over from the cricket quilt, dark green form my slightly decreasing Xmas fabric stash, wings from the same stash!
 Then we machine blanket stitched (not overly well but for the purpose of speed it'll do!) Amelia traced and cut out her name and we ironed it on together. Material was one she chose froma  recent trip to Hobby Sew for the binding materials for the boys quilts.
The top elf frill was also left overs from the cricket quilt. The bells were a nightmare to sew on! The loop on the bell kept cutting the thread! But we have a very happy girl and a husband who suggested perhaps making one for each of us... Maybe next year dear! I am done for the time being :-)

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