Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music Bag

Last week our little champ started music lessons, nothing spectacular, don't expect her to be a muso but with parents who both have a musical history there is every chance Amelia might show a little talent. Finges crossed. Recorder today and who knows, maybe French Horn or Trumpet but more than likely flute like mum or piano accordian like daddy.

She came home with a scrapbook for music and other notes and her recorder last week and with lesson 2 being almost as exciting as girl guides she needed a bag to keep it all in.

Grandma bought some fat quarters over with her a few visits ago that we haven't found the right thing to use for and I picked up some shot tafetta at Lincraft ages ago which we used as part of the table decoration for her party a few weeks ago. Freshly washed and ironed and just waiting for the right project...

Not a profesionally done sewing project, very much make it up as I went along but she is happy and it fits the criteria of a long strap and a spot for her book and recorder. An hour before dinner, a whole reel of cotton thanks to a fancy stitch but who cares! Happy kid = happy mum...

bare feet and a jumper, the kid is weird... (must take that uniform hem down...!!!)

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  1. OK I know the post is about the bag but GOODNESS IS AMELIA'S HAIR TIED UP??