Sunday, December 18, 2011

Miss Margaret Mary

Amelia has a lovely friend at school called Maggie. We love Maggie to bits and her Mum and Dad and think it's mutual! Maggie and Amelia are an odd couple but best mates! Amelia is the tallest in the year and Maggie is amongst the shortest. They get on very well and I know Amelia would stick up for Maggie if she needed to! Maggie is pretty good at holding her own :-)

We saw some fabric in Spotlight a few shopping missions ago and Amelia and I both said 'this has got Maggie written all over it'. I love this whole 'story' of fabric. I am trying to scheme a way to make a 'something' for myself out of it! I don't usually like Spotlight patterns but this one appeals to the Nordic in me, I am sure there is some historical Viking buried in me somewhere! I decided Maggie needed a nightie made out of it. I know it is going to fit her better when she perhaps grows an inch or 2 but it's sweet, we like it and Amelia had to model it for me!

 And she lost another tooth, as in, we can't find it so she owes the Tooth Fairy!
I just love the pattern and the muted pinkness of this fabric. I hope Miss Maggie does too!

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