Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have now discovered the way to get what I want is to write it on the calendar. I wanted a day of sewing, I wrote it on the calendar and that is exactly what I got today! Stef took Amelia to do the groceries which gave me about 90 minutes to myself. The first 90 minutes I have had since the 23rd Sept I will add!

So I set about measuring twice and cutting once after ironing the extra fabric I purchased last week and it all came together rather quickly, or the first bit did...

Very pleased with myself I am! Came together in no time at all and have an enormous sense of puff out chest pride!

In the original plan there was another 2 layers to add top and bottom but when I put this on our bed it looked long enough. I put the backing on it and there wasn't much overhang so I have decided to leave it at this...

It is big enough to wrap around me so will be huge for the 9 year old boy this is destined for at this size. 5 cricket balls to hand sew on and a 6th down the bottom with his initials and Merry Christmas 2011 and it can go off to the quilters depending on cost. Or I might give it a go myself... bit scared about that bit but if I 'stitch in the ditch' I should be fine :-)

I will give fabric names etc with the finished quilt, bit weary now.

Now on to his brothers...

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