Saturday, November 5, 2011

The back of the space quilt

Racing back from my regular Thursday meeting I decided that the hour and a bit I had up my sleeve was going to be productive... rather than the hanging out on Facebook I usually do I sat at the sewing machine and sewed seam upon seam upon seam until I had one loooooong length of beautiful colours then I sat about pinning the seams to the backing making sure the seams would be sewn flat. If I had managed another 20 minutes I would have finished it before picking Amelia up but we came home from her music lesson and she took the pins out as I sewed the colours into the plain back. I am super dooper happy with it!

Each of the fabrics on the front are in the back and I have been left with very little scraps. Adding a personal touch to the front this weekend then off it goes to the quilters on Monday morning! Very nervous and can't wait to give these at Christmas time!

Oh and there is no getting her out of the pictures at the moment... (and no end to the crap that clutters my lounge room!)

And guess who wants a quilt...!

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