Thursday, October 7, 2010

Major Bummer

We had a family holiday on the weekend, a break from the rat race, time to reflect and catch our breath and try and focus on the next few months ahead of us. Invited to a friends 50th in Qld we decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and booked the holiday.

Packing is never pleasant and usually I ALWAYS put at least one days worth of clothes in 'the other suitcase/hand luggage' just in case something happens to the big case. This time I didn't. This time something did happen to the big case and 6 days on it is still missing.

Amongst the clothes, toiletries, shoes and other bits necessary to entertain a 5 year old away from home, was our camera. The camera with Amelia's 5th birthday photos on it, our day trip to Canberra with Grandma for Floriade and the photos of my latest fabric purchases and completed projects. I am SO bummed! I haven't seen either lot of photos, there hasn't been time.

The inconvenience of not having my hair brush, our tooth brushes, the melt down when Amelia realised her favourite new sandals were in the case, and Stef being without his meds for 4 days is getting to the angry point now. Looking for 3XL mens clothes, larger sized womens clothing, kids clothes that weren' blazened with advertising for the location we were holidaying in and undewear on a wet Sunday in a tourist town was not easy. Thank heavens for a somewhat decent IGA and a very expensive boutique. Stef and Amelia were fine, I sort of had to make do with the clothes I was in for the weekend until we hit Target on the way to the last day of our break. And just buying 'the basics' added about $300 to our holiday budget, not to mentin what we have had to replace since we have been home...

Surely someone didn't take the case off the carousel by mistake, there were no cases left over. Surely one of the airposrts has the case sitting in the lost property room. Surely one of the staff on the 'Baggage Blues' counter at each airport has read the emails we have been told have been sent and has looked to see if there is something that fits the VERY clear description of the case.

So, I will have to use my phone to take pictures in the meantime but the picture of the finished cushion that was the gift for the 50th we went to, sorry, you can't have one of those. Might ask my friends daughter to take one and email it to me.

This is supposed to be just for sewing updates but I am SO cross I need to vent and Facebook isn't cutting it for me at the moment!