Friday, October 28, 2011

Oliver+S skirts and another music bag...

Amelia's music bag was a hit yesterday at school, so much so that I have been asked to make another for one of the boys in the recorder group. Let's call him M. M is coming home with me today as his mother is doing a course tonight and his father is a pilot and on his way to Frankfurt this week. M doesn't like being away from Mum and isn't good in new situations but I think giventhe chance M will be fine. We are coming home for afternoon tea, a spot of sewing, swimming lesson for missy if she isn't too snotty (has been brewing a bit of a cold over the last few days) then McDonalds for dinner (after a shower) home to watch a movie and finish the bag and by then Mum should be here.

We went to Spotlight after school yesterday and M chose some fabric based around 'the inside has to be gold, not yellow or orange but gold', very specific. Initially M wanted fabric with wisps on it but we couldn't find anything like that so he settled on a funky 'peace' symbol fabric instead. Purchased they went home and Amelia and I continued to look for some fabric for this summers Oliver+S skirt stash. 4 chosen and 1 for another M friend but a girl, so we will caller her ButterflyM as she had the Butterfly skirt from a few weeks ago... Interestingly Amelia chose more blues and crimsons than her mandatory pink, perhaps the phase might be over? Here's hoping anyway!

Washed they are awaiting pressing, cutting and sewing in a few hours... photo of nicely ironed fabric to follow!

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