Monday, October 10, 2011

Oliver + S Lazy Days skirt Sarah's way

Amelia had a little friend over for a play this morning/afternoon and before she got here Amelia spotted this butterfly fabric in the office. She asked what it was for, I said a skirt for her, she asked if there was enough fabric for her friend to have one too, yes there was... rummaging in my trim box I came across 2 lengths of pink satin ribbon, perfect!

And so 2 Oliver+S Lazy Days skirts were whipped up, ironed and oh so proudly worn home by Miss M and out to girl guides tonight!

And let me tell you Miss M's mum was pertty blown away! Serioulsy, half a meter of fabric and 120cm of satin ribbon, the most expensive thing was the ribbon... Will be hitting the stash and making more of these, Amelia's are all above her knee from a few years ago. So quick, so easy and so much gratitude all round!

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