Monday, November 21, 2011


Wow, what a job and a half these were but boy have I enjoyed doing them, the stress of the 'pattern' (even though I winged it most of the way) the colours the quilting patterns to use on them, glad theya re complete and can't WAIT to start the next one!!! Stef will divorce me for sure... maybe not if I use mainly stash fabrics...

So, here is the one for JRC... cricketing nut and perhaps talented enough to play for Australia one day, maybe. He is a very talented sportsman though so who knows!

I love the cricketing detail in the quilting, I love the burst of colours with teh red and the blue and I love the Blue that Amelia helped me choose for the binding, I think green would have been a mistake. Love love love!

And here is NJC's. The gheko's have grown on me and I like them now. You can't really see the detail too much on the quilt but I love the one clear lizard on the yellow panel...

This quilt had the potential to come across as really dark but the red border lifts it a bit and standing back and looking at it I like the bright blue and the yellow. The gold and black fabricI have used in the main body of the quilt close up is geometrical but in the photo it looks almost galactic. I am more than happy with both of these quilts and can't wait for Christmas till they can be given.

Yay for me!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Next stop binding...

We picked the quilts up yesterday and they look fantastic, especially the cricket one. I am a bit torn on the space one, I like the pattern we chose and hope NJ does as well... You see, the space themed patterns I had to choose from were quite babyish and didn't suit the maturity of the quilt or the child. So, we went for geckos, something NJ is into in a big way too. It is subtle and non descript but wonder if it will bug me like the extra triple row of stitching I should have put on the cricket balls...

The quilter, Tina, was a bit nervous as I told her they were my first ever quilts, she thought they wouldn't line up properly and was pleasantly surprised to see that they did! She said I had done a wonderful job on them both and I should be proud of my work (and I am!!). Her hubby really wanted the cricket quilt... not on your Nelly buster! Unless JR doesn't like it then we will talk price!

Anyhoo, Tina did a great job, they were turned around in 2 days which is just awesome and I will attempt the binding this weekend myself, which gives me time to get help if it all falls apart! Photos to follow...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The back of the space quilt

Racing back from my regular Thursday meeting I decided that the hour and a bit I had up my sleeve was going to be productive... rather than the hanging out on Facebook I usually do I sat at the sewing machine and sewed seam upon seam upon seam until I had one loooooong length of beautiful colours then I sat about pinning the seams to the backing making sure the seams would be sewn flat. If I had managed another 20 minutes I would have finished it before picking Amelia up but we came home from her music lesson and she took the pins out as I sewed the colours into the plain back. I am super dooper happy with it!

Each of the fabrics on the front are in the back and I have been left with very little scraps. Adding a personal touch to the front this weekend then off it goes to the quilters on Monday morning! Very nervous and can't wait to give these at Christmas time!

Oh and there is no getting her out of the pictures at the moment... (and no end to the crap that clutters my lounge room!)

And guess who wants a quilt...!