Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dresden Wedges/wheels

My first class today and I was introduced to the 1/4" foot on my machine, well hello baby! Love this foot, so so easy.

I bought some hibiscus material as a fat quarter bundle (x2) from Spotlight months ago and had intended on making some purses or something FUN and happy with it... With Coral's outdoor area maybe finished by Christmas she will need some thing to go on her benches outside. I know she could make something herself but I know she won't.

With my class today I needed to take a project ready to sew so I frantically cut these out this morning! I had a lot of things to choose from but until I could see what everyone else was working on I wanted to keep it simple and easy...

Christine is amazing, she's a great teacher, no fuss, fun and very friendly and helpful. No airs or graces just shows you how to do what you want to do. She showed me how to turn those odd triangles into these... I have enough to make 8 cushions but may stop at 6 and make some placemats or a table runner or something... we will see!

One wheel took about an hour from woe to go and I have an idea for a quilt for myself (FINALLY!!!)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Polar Fleece jacket - circa 2004

Way back when, when I was doing sewing at night school, before pregnancy and motherhood, I had a great idea. To make us a polar fleece jacket each. One Saturday morning, probably getting out of the house due to night shift sleeping happening, I went to Lincraft at Paramatta Westfield. Pattern purchased was - McCall's #3784 and fabric, purple for me, navy for him and some oatmeal beige, not quite sure what for, maybe contrast? and I went home. I vaguely remember cutting the jacket out because I added some length to the sleeves (always too short) and to the width as well (I have lost a heap of weight since 2004!!) and then I am not quite sure why, but it was cut out and never sewn up.

The reality is it took me about 2 and a half hours, 1 full roll of cotton, a broken needle and 3 feet change (normal foot, zipper foot and walking foot) and I was done!

I took a LOT of fabric off the arms, they were way too wide and the hood makes me look like a Gregorian chanting monk but for what it was intended for I am sure, 100% it will serve its purpose. It has a hood, pockets and a zip, pretty impressed with myself.

Now I can toss out the $10 fleece I bought when I was pregnant that doesn't really fit me anymore, has paint stains on it, is very worn and the zip broke about 3 years ago... At least I got my moneys worth out of it!

Another list cross off!

 Gregorian monk look, suits me!
 Because the sunniest day in a long time is an IDEAL polar fleece sewing stuck inside all day day...
Hood, pockets, zip, this jacket has it all!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cushion for Lachie

An eventful morning meant this could have been finished hours ago but... nevertheless it is complete now (just a popstud or 2 to be hand sewn on the back...

And a productive afernoon see's 17 Toofie's with pockets on the front, hanging loops, sewn up and waiting to be stuffed and have their bottons hand sewn...

Not a bad Sunday in the end and here is my updated list...

And a list of the projects to complete for 2012...

Finish the Polar Fleece jackets I cut out in 2004 (*embarrassed much!!)
Blossom Creek complete block 2 (oh so close), then 3, 4 and do the log cabining
Make the Toofies up to sell in my store Belles Familles (sewn just waiting to be stuffed and hand stitch their bottoms...)
Make some fabric table runners to sell in the 'shop' too
Placemats or cushions for Coral's b'day
Saving pouches for squirreling money for stuff like a holiday
2x winter night dresses for Amelia
2 skirts for sisters - Rachel and Sarah
Blouse for me (fabric and pattern on their way here)
Raincoat for Amelia (fabric on its way here)
Over skirt for my sari skirt so I will wear the skirt and it won't sit in the wardrobe...
Another skirt like this one  for me (fabric on its way here)
Cushion for my Goddaughters brother at the request of his mum
Fabric placemats for us for outside
Fabric napkins in a pretty floral for afternoon tea parties - no idea why...
Apron for Katie

Not a lot of progress granted but crossing one thing off and changing the status of others makes a girl feel good...