Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday Cushions

We have 2 little girls birthdays this month, Alyssa my Goddaughter is turning 3 and Jemma, one of Stef's friends daughters, is turning 2.

Alyssa has another gift coming as well as the cushion and Jemma no doubt will have something added to the cushion gift. We are on a bit of a budget and with the sewing machine taking up residence at the end of the dining room table for the past few weeks I have been on a bit of a roll making things. Spurred on by the prospect of a BIG parcel arriving from America filled with delicious fabric I have numerous projects to complete before I can get started on the patterns and fabric that will arrive!

I bought the pink gingham (Spotlight home decorating section, massive 2. something meters wide sheeting) with the intention of making a single duvet cover Amelia got for Christmas into a double to fit the duvet on her king single bed. The width of fabric I purchase was cut wonky. And when I made the cut I needed by my measurements and looked closer at the gingham the print was wonky on the selvege edge so I have ended up with 2 bits of material the wrong width and not able to do anything with them, so I bought the plain pink. The duvet cover is almost done with some jiggery poker and something that started out as a simple pattern idea but husband got involved made it incredibly complicated and my measurements are stuffed and with the happenings in the street (smoke alarm across the street going off for 10 days now) and being pretty wrecked on the overtired front I decided to put that to one side.

Sewing 2 square things was about my limit today and 'should' be easy!

The letters I used Vlisofix on (cut the J out the wrong way to begin with but that was easily fixed) then used a stitch around the letter, sewed them to the plain square and the plain square to the front of the pillow. The back was 2 bits of material that I put a clean seam on one edge and that is where the slip opens to pop the pillow in. I toyed with the idea of cutting an old dacron pillow in half and stitching that to be the cushion insert but remembered I bought some white calico in the Spotlight 'buy the bolt' sale last week and had a bag of stuffing in the cupboard buried from years ago, et Viola! 2 cushions made to fit the covers!

Now I will say that I was in a hurry to take pictures today and the front of the pillows looks a little wet from where I have dabbed the fabric pen to remove the ink, probably should take better photos but the to do list is already a little long...