Monday, October 24, 2011

Quilt number 2

Waaaaay back, like a million years ago, well not quite but almost... Amelia chose a panel for N.J.C. A space mad boy, the brother of the cricketing mad boy, J.R.C. I blogged about it here...Okay so it's only 18 months ago, makes me feel a little bit better!

The weekend that has just passed sort of seemed full of nothing but things I wanted to do. Stef and I go through phases of being in tune with eachother then so far removed from each other it's not funny, the weekend that has just passed was one of those such weekends. I wanted to sew, needed to do my BAS. On Saturday it was a case of BAS 1, me NIL.

Sunday we had a play date with a friend from school and her parents. The boys talked work (her hubby is in IT recruitment) and us girls just chewed the fat on life and all its short comings. It was a lovely morning, don't get me wrong but I was hungry and needed a comfort stop when Stef pulled into the Aldi carpoark on the way home. Hmm. Shopping needed to be done but was done on the previso that I sewed for a few hours in the afternoon. It was and I did.

I made this...
Then some, okay a LOT, of input form Amelia I made the side panels, then today, putting everything on hold, I made the bottom panels and tah dah! It looks better than I could have thought it would! I am SO happy!!

This little man is also a bit batty on lizards and I bought a scrap of fabric with some aborigial drawings on it. I will cut a lizard out and put his initials and Xmas 11 on it and hand stitch it on a plain charcoal or blue spot.

I have the same fabric for the back as for J's quilt but in grey and black and will use some (not all because a lot of the fabrics have all been used on the front) of the left overs and do a row of squares like I have with the cricket fabric.

Sigh, happy happy finished 2 quilt tops! Now to quit and bind or get it done by someone... will come down to cost and availability....

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