Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music bag #2

We had a bit of a disaster yesterday with my much loved Laura Star ironing board.

While emptying some boxes in the office and trying desperately to create some sense of empty and manoever in a very tight spot, I got a bit frustrated and pushed some boxes out the door and in the process knocked Laura over which had been stood upright and was leaning againsed the wall. There she was, minding her own business, slightly overhanging the door frame and she got a shove from behind and over she went, collecting the gas heater and the entertainment unit on her way down. Damaged quite badly, her water resevoir was smashed and the contents of the unit went all ove rthe carpet. I was not impressed as I was planning (as sad as it sounds) on ironing on Sunday... Now to try and get a replacement (they are $60) and debating whether to go to the shops and try David Jones for spare parts or wait till Tuesday and get Stef to pick one up in Chatswood at the Laura Star store.

So no nicely ironed fabrics to post but I do have a picture of the music bag we made for M...

We put the recorder pouch on an angle on M's bag as the symbols would have been laying on their side if I had put it up and down. He LOVES it which is all that matters!

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