Sunday, March 14, 2010

Craft Expo - Homebush

Well, I wasn't going to go, then I was, then I wasn't, then I did and I sort of had a great time! I didn't manage to completely escape Amelia but it would have been Stef's Mum's birthday today and while the Polish tradition is more to celebrate name days rather than birthdays I sort of suggested that Amelia could come with me giving Stef a bit of time to go and visit his parents. He hasn't been to see them since his Dad's funeral so I didn't mind Amelia coming with me, for a little while anyway.

I knew she would either be bored rigid, be blown away, be touching everything or be a real pain in the butt! Thankfully she was none of the above and all of the above. We were both blown away by the quilts on display, she took an active interest in the things I looked at, she was in awe of the people and the things on display. She chatted to the ladies (and men) at the stands, paying extrodinary attention to the lady on the Better Homes and Gardens stand and managed to talk me into buying more than I wanted to... I really didn't want ANOTHER cross stitch but this one was just too cute and she is Digger Digger Dog mad, this might curb her desire until we get a 'real' one! I also found a plastic thread organiser with a blade incorporated into it for $5 so I thought that might come in handy if I ever get to go on a plane and need a project to take with me... Can't take scissors any more but apparently you can take this! Amelia decided that she would like to go home with Daddy so he popped in picked her up and emptied his wallet about an hour after dropping us off.

I also bought some buttons to go on 'the dress' but think they are a little small and some pom pom trim to go with a blue fabric that will be a summer dress.

And inspired by one of Lisa's purchases I spied this panel and a certain 5 year old space mad boy sprung to mind! I have never made a quilt, no idea on size, what to do or even how to start but drawing from all the inspiration I saw today I am sure I can do something, whether it will be complete for his 6th birthday in July or not is another story, I can always get an extra 5 months on the project and make it for Christmas! Thankfully Lisa had also mentioned that there were fat quarters for $3.50 (not the $6 most palces had them for) and remembering the lost black and gold fabric that has quite a story to it that would be a perfect backing or border or something I figured I'd give it a go... stay tuned!

After I had walked up and down every isle several times and spent pretty much all I had to spend I decided I was done and started walking home as Stef and Amelia had just sat down to lunch. Managed to get over half way. Pleased I got in some me time and some exercise, it has been a great day!

I also bumped into a lady who sold me the rotary cutter and board from the Rosehill Stitches and Craft show which is pretty amazing considering the amount of people that were there and the amount of booths that were there!

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  1. Love that panel! Forgot about scissors not allowed on a plane, hmm might need to find one of those to take to Melbourne.