Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jumping the gun on finishes...

I have other things I have been sewing but to keep Miss Molli happy I will link this up (if I can figure out how to do it exactly) as a TGIF. Technically it was finished last week, just trying to find time to take photos at the moment is prooving difficult, camera location, weather or the all important time don't seem to be aligning in the planets in my wee life at present, let's not mention the headaches - I wish this full moon would get on with being full, I need sleep.

I love these strip and flip quilt tops, they come together really quickly, look fantastic and even my 7 year old daughter has managed one... When I was at home in New Zealand earlier this year I went to Spotlight specifically to buy some 'kiwi' fabric as one of these quilts was floating in my head for a friends kids. She's a kiwi, not sure what her partner is but I don't spend a lot of money on these kids as a rule so it seemed fitting I would give them each one of these just because.

I bought 15 fabrics in Auckland and then added a few more via this website as the fabrics I purchased didn't quite make it long enough. I will admit to one fabric being added in honor of Molli bending the rules with Batiks in a quilt because I like the way she roles and I love the fabric I chose. Can you see it?

So, the strip and flip process... I did my own thang here, I made 2 identical quilts and made the alternate strips cream in one quilt and red in the other then took the middle 'flip' and put them in the alternate quilt, one to break the red up and the other to add a bit of colour to the cream, I like the way it works. I also used the left over backing scraps for the binding for the opposite quilt which I think also works, it makes them individual but ties them together IYKWIM... I stuffed the binding up, slightly distracted by Paul Mercurio spinning his way across the dance floor on his knees, and cut it at 5" 's not 2.5" 's but I think it still works. I am working on the binding on the cream quilt this week and some hand stitched labels so will have another finish in a few days time... fingers crossed!

We have blues - the paua shells

The greens for ToiToi and Tea Tree bushes and Silver Ferns

Red Pohutakawa and Koru

The same fabric but on a black (or dark navy) background, just stunning!

I stitched in the ditch on the wide strips and FMQ'd squiggles in the middle sashing with a verigated Gutterman thread.

The binding, it doesn't look too bad!

Love this quilt.

This is my favourite fabric in the whole quilt. If I was brave I'd make myself something to wear out of it but I am a chicken!

What size it the quilt? I have no idea! It's big enough to wrap yourself up in to watch a favourite movie, large enough to throw over a kids bed and probably wide enough to be folded up at the end of a double bed. I tend to throw caution to the wind. It's WOF for the strips with 5" borders and sashing. The batting is quilt lite which in hind sight, as they are going to Melbourne, perhaps it should have been wool but I work on the prinicipal these might be a summer quilt or an add on quilt to a winter bed. Or perhaps they will be folded away and put in a cupboard! Who knows but I love giving things to people!