Sunday, February 3, 2013

A finish!

When I went on the Sew Craft Retreat I bought a second embroidery from Kirsten Doran Designs. I had intended on giving it for Christmas but Amelia having a migraine and throwing up in the car the night before my last sewing lesson of the year put an end to those plans. Yes, I could have finished it on my own but you know what, I would never have got it looking the way Chris has.

In November I was up to this so it really was very nearly finished!

Tah dah!

Hidden zip, gee I love the way Chris puts zips in... she is amazing!

And the piping... oh that pipping. So hard to sew close to the edge even with the zipper foot on it and the piping foot wasn't big enough to go over the cord. But we got there in the end!
Was given as an early birthday present today as AMV's son is visiting shortly and if it is destined to go to Scotland there should be room in his (or his girfriends) luggage. But I was told today, he will take it to London and use it himeself so shall reside in Newport until trustworthy sources can deliver. The irony, my initials are on the front SCO 12 and Scotland's country code is... yep... SCO...!

Another happy feeling and because I have ticked something off my to do list I can sew something new... which is just as well because I have just signed up for this!

Goodness me, that's 4 quilts this year, yikes!