Saturday, January 30, 2010

Layer Skirt

Last night my friend Lisa and I were salivating over fabric and patterns till almost the wee small hours of the morning and she sent me the link for this lovely little skirt.

Bored rigid this afternoon because it was hot, I am tired and Amelia had ticked me off no end this morning I decided to give the skirt a go. I have had some assorted purple/mauve fabric put to one side with the idea of making a summer dress or another Oliver+S skirt but threw caution to the wind.

Sadly I got a big caught up in the layers and wanted to add 2 more but forgetting Amelia is only 115cm tall (only!!) I had to leave 2 layers off and take a few cm's off the top layer but it is done and looks great! Amelia loves it and can't wait till the morning to wear it, could be another story when the sun comes up but... I might have prefered more gathers, if I make this again I will probably play with the layer length a bit.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 skirts for 2 pre-teen girls

The family of our flower girl have been very generous to us in many ways over the years and being that the only have one child, a tall daughter, we get a lot of hand me downs. I know this is out of the kindness of their hearts and they don't expect anything in return but I still feel bad that we gain and they get nothing, so, I asked if K would like a skirt in return for her donations.

I made an Oliver +S skirt initially but then thought I would get brave and make somehting with a pattern!

Once again Amelia and I headed to Spotlight and searched books, short listed a few patterns and settled on this one (mainly because it was the only one in stock!). We did skirt D.

Fabrics purchased, we headed home and sadly it has takne me many weeks to sew something that uninterrupted essentially would have taken an hour from cutting the pattern to final press.

So the Oliver+S skirt was whipped up in a thrice but no photo was taken. And these are the the 2 skirts I made, one for K and one for my niece G. K's is the 3 colour skirt, G's is the stripey one. Both size 10 but I think, even though both girls aare very tall, they will be miles too long!

Gift for JB

My very good friend, lets call her JB, has just purchased a house and has done a substantial amount of minor improvements to the house, mainly outdoors. One of which has been to add a massive 72 square meter pergola out the back. We went shopping one Sunday and found a gorgeous 10 seater wooden table and chair set and she did a deal with a bbq, heater and some cushions for the chairs.

Really stuck for something to buy her for Christmas I decided to make her a table cloth and runner and, you guessed it, placemats! I was on a bit of a role and this was pre reports of disintergration. So, Amelia and I set off to Spotlight once again with measurements in hands and returned triumphant and set about cutting and pinning and sewing.

So we have a massive table cloth, the runner and the placmats. I really like the placemats, my own design! JB was thrilled with her haul, very proud indeed as was I that something so simple could give such joy.

We went to JB's for dinner a few weekends ago to Christen the table and the cloth, and in true Sarah style I think I was the first person to dollop a drip of Nacho sauce on the cloth!!

Christmas sewing

Wow, what a long time since a post and there has been a lot of sewing action!

So, Christmas... I had some grande idea of making placemats as gifts and table runners. I managed to make 10 placemats for Christmas Day which sadly some of them partially disintergrated on their first wash... And the lovely stars on the sheer material in the runners melted away as well. Quite disheartening. But here are some images anyway.

Pretty huh?

I made most of the runners with borders and mostly rectangular or square depending on the table they were destined for.

With the set back of the disintergration I have decided to start my Xmas sewing a lot earlier this year AND pre-wash the fabric this time :-) I managed to score some beautiful fabrics from Spotlight in the 50% off sale so will set about making even more beautiful things for this year (that wont fall apart!).