Monday, October 24, 2011

Howzat the back and the detail...

I have always been 'amused' at the reverse of some of the quilts I have looked at on blogs as they clearly are not a replection of what is going on on the front. With J's quilt I decided that I didn't want a plain green back and I didnt want it to be more detailed than the front so I sewed a square or 2 of each of the fabrics from the front, sliced across the backing and added the row. I think it looks great!

Lovely toes in dire need of a coat of paint and puffy 'it's going to be a hot day tomorrow' feet. Charming!

Here are some pics of the front with the cricket balls on it and the detail on one. I really hope Mr. J.R.C. likes this! If not, it can go to his Granny Joan, just not sure of her middle name but we can always make it Rose!

 The idea is... that the batter on the big panel is hitting the balls and the balls are going off the quilt... you get that right?

Now deciding... do I get it quilted and bound or attempt to do it myself?

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