Sunday, July 25, 2010

Funky Flower Pants!

Still inspired by last weekends 'Martha' moments I whipped these up today. They are SO groovy maaan! Flower Power all the way :-)

Same pattern as the PJ bottoms and gee they look awesome in this heavy cotton/ almost denim. I think they could pass as 'jeans'. Now just a matter of persuading a certain little girl that she might like to try them on... maybe tomorrow for swimming/ school...

Oh and PS: The dressing gown is finished... chickened out of button holes (a time factor as well as skill) so we have poppers behind the buttons, it works and has been worn since I finished it last night at about 6pm, went on, removed for bath, worn to bed... think that one is a hit!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pink Dress & PJ's

Well, what a busy few months I have had and that does not translate to being busy sewing... fundraising for pre-school getting in the way of my fun, very much so! All for a good cause sadly...

What seems like a gazillion years ago Amelia chose some 'winter pink' cord from Spotlight, and the pattern from and has been waiting every so patiently for something to be created. With her good buddy Isabella Bella's birthday looming the pressure was on for a 'new dress' to wear!

Sadly all these projects need at the top about 2 hours max from cutting the pattern out, laying the paper pattern on the fabric, cutting it out and sewing. Oh to have 2 hours spare a day, there would be no projects outstanding!

So, we cut and pinned and sewed and tried on and reread instructions and sewed some more and tahdah! Done!

And the best thing is, she has worn it more than once and watches the empty hanger in her wardrobe and asks if she can wear the dress again!

A similar distance in time ago I bought some fabric from and after having had to place an emergency order for my misreading of the pattern and getting an extra half yard of a few fabrics I was set to go.

Nighties were the immediate need, nothing available in the shops in warm flanelette for a start or that was young enough or free from the blazen adornment of some Disney character. I can not abide my child being used as a billboard for these companies!! They have their fingers in enough marketing avenues as it is without it being in my home as well...

So, the original plan was 3 nighties but with my misreading the pattern and the delay in making one of the fabrics was out of stock so plan B, 2 nighties and a pair of mis matched but somewhat groovy PJ's which are right up Amelia's avenue with her wonderful sense of style :-)

So, Blue Owls, gorgeously soft and lush and warm fabric, easy to sew with and I far prefer the nightie pattern top, there was a lack of instruction with the PJ top so I 'winged' it... But the opening on the nightie is lovely, simple and easy!

But the nightie first. I made a size 7 because Amelia is a giant and I want it to last for next year as well. It is a little big and she has to pick the skirt up to walk but by gosh is it warm and toasty!

And the PJ's. The flowery fabric was not available so I chose the pink stripes and I love them! I'd like to try the top in a thinner fabric. But the pants... I LOVE the pants!

Do they work together? Meh, I don't care! They are funky and Amelia loves them!!! With a capital L!

Next, what to tackle next... I have a quilt to make, a dress to go to France before their summer runs out, another nightie to make before our winter runs out, a pinefore and I should probably make a start on my Xmas projects... yikes! I had better start magic-king those 2 hours in my day...