Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cushion one...

So I bought this hibiscussy fabric from Spotlight, it was a fat quarter bundle. I had intended to make some saving pouches for our tropical holiday after I had seen a great tutorial or picture on Pinterest. One for air fares, one for accomodation, one for food and one for treats/spending money. But I either didn't save the tute or *insert major mummy moment*... BUT, then I had another idea after making some disasterous Dresden wedge mug rugs for Christmas gifts. I didn't want to be defeated by the Dresden templates I had bought, so, I looked at lots of blogs and pictures and decided that a Dresden wedge wheel couldn't be that hard, could it?

I put the fabric in a Dresden wheel in my head, thought of my great friend C and her 'should be finished soon' outdoor area and pool and figured it was a match made in heaven! So I went back and got another bundle...

In a rare moment of peace I managed to trace out a wheel on paper to test for size, I even remembered to allow for seams and everything, very proud of my efforts I was! I even worked out how much of the fabric I would use and how much I would have left! Then I set about 'sizing' a pillow, big enough for outdoor use, small enough to be useful and be able to be stored.

So I cut the wedges out ready to be sewn and took them to my sewing class.

Under the guidance of the lovely Christine who whipped my 1.4" foot out of my sewing box and popped it on my machine I set about making a production line of stitching! And in no time I had two of these...

After MUCH deliberation and consulting with my fellow stitchers we settled on making 6 cushions, 2 teal, 2 pink and 2 purple. Sounds weird but the colours really make the fabrics pop.

That was last week... This week with my cushion fabrics washed and ironed and my cushion inserts purchased (thank you spotlight for your $10 off coupon) with Christine's help again we cut the cushions out and set about putting the wheels on and making something for the centre. I had thought something a bit girlie as she misses out on frills and pink with her boys and she is very much a girlie girl at heart. Then I saw Yoyo's and knew that was it. So made one, quite easily, then it was a waiting game as to what to put in the middle. Buttons didn't look right and I really wanted to complete one and didn't want to go to Spotlight AGAIN... Christine was busy helping the other ladies and on her way passed me she slid a packet of beads across the table. Perfect! Some self covered buttons for the back in the same fabric as the centre and we are scarily co-ordinated!

Tah dah! I haven't got enough fabric for a second pink and purple cushion so will have to buy some next week but I have sewn all the wheels on the top fabric bits, made the Yoyo's and covered the buttons for the back. Looking good! Will I be able to wait till December to give them to her? Doubt it!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Music bag # (I have lost count!)

Miss Ashwani was eyeing a music bag off on someone elses shoulder last week, I asked her if she would like one too 'Yes please!' Stipulation was red on the outside, gold in the middle. She plays the violin so has a chin peice and spare strings to carry with her music.

One happy little girl!
 One red bag with a gold middle and a little 'clutch' for her bits, very fancy schmancy AND a button hole on my own!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sew much to post...

I have a few pictures to post up here, just got to find the half hour that is needed to do it!

I have completed one whole cushion
Learned how to do Yo Yo's
Sewn the Dresdens onto the tops of the other 5 cushions
Cut out an Amy Butler Yoga Bag to make for a friend in NZ
Made another music bag with a pencil clutch for a classmate of Amelia
Made one cordouroy skirt as a gift for a friend (but I can't post that here until after a birthday later in the year

WAITING patiently on my pattern order from so I can make a polar fleece for Amelia for guides (and complete the April challenge on the sewalution page)

Loving this stress relief big time!