Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Teapot Dress

It's been a while between posts and there has been sewing done, some photographed, some not. With Stef going back onto shift work it really throws 'free time' into chaos and both sewing and photographing said garmet is something that is squished in between dinner/pickup/activity/homework/getting him out the door for work... and if it is something for Amelia, it is usually hovered over until the last thread is cut and whipped straight on!

Teapot Dress

With Amelia being so tall it is really hard to find 'little girl' clothes, clothes that make her look like a girl and not a tween. Once you get out of size 6 (which we have been since she was about 5) the clothes in the shops take on a real different look and you have a pre-teen looking 7 year old before you know it. Making kids look older than they are has all sorts of complications and expectations (especially for behaviour) and while she is happy to wear home made I am happy to make. I bought this pattern ages ago as it was a style of dress that was similar to dresses in her wardrobe that she loves wearing.

I bought some of this very popular teapot fabric at Spotlight

when they had one of their frequent sales with this dress pattern or a circle skirt in mind and thinking 2metres would be enough for whatever I wanted to make. Sadly no, the skirt alone needs almost 2 metres! A frantic Saturday morning search located some in Adelaide so I had to find a plan B to sew at my class and wait for the postie to deliver.

Over 2 lessons it came together and we are very happy with it, very happy indeed. It has a full circle skirt and an underskirt with tulle on it that makes it stick out and makes you have to twirl apparently! It swishes when you walk as well and what little girl doesn't love a bit of swish...

I think she likes it! I know ALL the ladies at sewing LOVED it!!!It is very Stepford wives but I really don't care. It makes my girl very happy and that is all that matters to me pretty much!

My friend CC loved it too teasing Amelia she was going to wear it. The sad thing was it pretty much fitted her, except for the boob area (phew said Amelia!). But we did make an underskirt with tulle for a dress CC has that needs a petticoat to make the skirt stick out. A pattern that is worth every penny of the $6USD I paid for it (possibly less if it was on sale...)

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