Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012 project list update

And a list of the projects to complete for 2012...

Finish the Polar Fleece jackets I cut out in 2004 (*embarrassed much!!)
Blossom Creek complete block 2 (oh so close), then 3, 4 and do the log cabining
Make the Toofies up to sell in my store Belles Familles
Make some fabric table runners to sell in the 'shop' too
Placemats or cushions for Coral's b'day CUSHIONS COMPLETED, placemats to follow maybe!
Saving pouches for squirreling money for stuff like a holiday we bought a large money tin and that is a safer way to save we all think!
2x winter night dresses for Amelia
2 skirts for sisters - Rachel and Sarah
Blouse for me (fabric and pattern on their way)
Raincoat for Amelia (fabric on its way) STARTED COMPLETED
Over skirt for my sari skirt so I will wear the skirt and it won't sit in the wardrobe...
Another skirt like this one  for me (fabric on its way) COMPLETED
Cushion for my Goddaughters brother at the request of his mum
Fabric placemats for us for outside
Fabric napkins in a pretty floral for afternoon tea parties - no idea why... COMPLETED
Apron for Katie

Blossom Creek will come away with us next week
Table Runners - yeah, about those... one day!
Blouse for me, I may need to loose a few inches!
Overskirt - Not convinced I will wear it... but I could have my opinion swayed...
Fabric placemats for us, I'll probably do them over the Xmas break
And Katie's apron, well, Katie went and had a baby so cooking is important but not a priority!

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