Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cushions for CC

What seems like (and was) months ago I set about making something for my oldest friends yet to be built outdoor area. They have recently pretty much renovated their entire house and the outdoor area is the last to be done. I wanted to add some colour and a touch of the tropics. They live near us on the Northern Beaches of Sydney (they are the reason we moved if the truth be told!) and have a great pool and in summer they pretty much do everything in their courtyard. With big benches planned something restful for your back, I felt, would be nice.

I finished the last 2 button holes on the last cushion cover about a month ago at sewing and was just waiting for an empty half hour to stuff the cushions into the covers! That half hour was found today...

Tah dah!

Excuse the kid in the background and hte crappy table in the foreground!

The 3 together, great colours! Each cushion has each colour in it. 

 The yoyo, bead and buttons on the back are complimentary colours.

The great leaning tower of cushions! Text sent ready to tee up a tea date to give them to her!

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