Sunday, November 25, 2012

Teachers Gifts

It must be really hard at Christmas time to be a teacher. I am sure I would cringe at all the bars of soap, bottles of lotions, boxes of biscuits and chocolates they have been given over the years. Last year I made mug rugs to go with a mug that Amelia chose for each teacher. Not sure the rugs were used but the mugs are very much still in use!

I have an embarrassing collection of fabric, lots of over bought lengths and some Christmas bits that, let's face it, unless it's going to start snowing in Sydney at Christmas or we move to the Northern Hemisphere, I will more than likely not get round to using. I'm not sure where I saw it but somewhere in blog or Pinterest land someone talked about food throws. How hard could they be to make? I thought to myself. And they aren't. They are dead easy.  Especially when you score 10m of curtain netting from Spotlight at $2/m less 30% because you bought the whole roll! Curtain netting has a long drop, or at least the one I bought does! I might even use some for curtains but for now...

 Start with some WOF strips chain stitched

 Make them into bias binding one boring Sunday afternoon while suffering watching a kids movie for the umpteenth time

stitch them on  et viola! GREAT practice for mitred corners!

 Amelia (and Stef) didn't understand what they were so I demonstrated... on the ironing board of course!

These are 4 of the 16 I have made so far in various shapes and sizes. They are really quick (did I mention cheap - I think about $1.50/ large throw) and I hope they will be useful. If you are a friend I give a gift to at Christmas, well, you might end up with one or 2 of these!

These would be a great school stall market day product too and a great money spinner :-) Good stash buster too.

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