Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sasha the Travelling Stash

What seems like forever ago I put my name down for a travelling stash, it was organised by the lovely Cass. Well she arrived in my mail box this week and I was a bit knackered so I left her for 2 days before opening her, I just didn't have the brain space to deal with making decisions!

 She was a hefty lass and I was ever so very careful opening her, I didn't want to cut into anything inside her!
 Lots of 'stuff' in a very small bag! Whoever thought to pop everything into the carry bag was brilliant, it made it much easier to pull her in and out of the satchel.
 What to choose, what to choose.... I had several piles of things and Miss Amelia got involved as well, our tastes were clearly not the same...
 I settled on the pre-cuts, a guage, some self covering buttons and some more pins, I seem to eat pins...
I put in a quilters panel which is quite funny, a funny number plate cover, 2 jacket zips that are now too short for anything I would make my lanky lass and some elastic and a reel of cotton.

I hope I have done the right thing! I did a bit of research for the cost of some of the things I took out and as everything I have purchased is brand new I know how much it cost (the zips are about 8 months old). Weighing in at a respectable 2.95kg off she goes to the next recipient - Joelle!

This is also  my 100th blog post, pretty amazing in itself really. Most people have giveaway's and the like but with 2 followers (or maybe I am up to 5 now!) I have no idea who actually reads or enjoys my ramblings coz no one comments. Who knows, if I get a flurry of comments and activity I might just do a winner of something, well, random! Make sure you leave your email address 'just in case'!!!


  1. Well, I always read along in google reader - but am super naughty at commenting! Excellent job on the 100 blog posts - can't wait to read the next 100 Sarah,
    Mel x

    1. I will admit I am guilty of mostly doing the same Mel! I love your blog xx

  2. Oh Sarah that's a bit disheartening. This is my first visit to your blog btw. Glad to see you had time to make decisions with Sasha. And well done on 100 posts.

  3. It's tough trying to choose what to take/replace! Glad you found some goodies!

  4. Ooh I'm the "Lovely" Cass? :-) I like that! You've done great, thank you so much for taking part. I am surprised how many people bought *new* things to put back in. I have such a collection of things in my sewing room which have come by random chance (not necessarily my taste or something that has been passed on to me by a non-sewing friend, for example) that I guess I assumed would be the case for other people. But we're all different, and I'm at a stage where I'm planning for a baby to go into that room so I am much more in the letting go mood at the moment LOL.
    I read the bit about the numberplate cover and instantly thought "Huh? That's a strange contribution?" but I see there's something about fabric on it and now I'm desperate to put it on my car LOL. My husband won't be too keen, but he'll get used to it haha. Something that hot's likely to get swapped out, but there's only 4 people left so you just never know.
    Thanks again for taking part, Sarah! You're right, it seems like forever ago it began.

  5. I read your comment at prettybobbins and came over to say 'hello'!!

  6. Whoo hoo! Glad to know the Stash was on it's way to me and also your 100th post, congrats for all!

  7. looks lovely, such an awesome job by all involved. I am so glad she has been here already and I don't have to make any more hard choices..
    Can't wait to see what Cass does with it all.