Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sewing finishes

We have had a change of 'attitude' this week. Trying so hard to find the groove we need to make me going back to work and Stef back on shift... we only watched telly twice, once on Tuesday when I did the ironing during Winners and Loosers and Friday when Amelia needed some calming down during a storm.

The other nights I got a bee in my bonnet and did some sewing!

 The third hot water bottle cover - which was given as a 21st gift on Friday night! I have one more of these to make and Hobby Sew were out of the blue satin bias, a little frustrating buuut, we will try Spotlight and if not, then 2 weeks will come around quick enough and hopefully Hobby Sew will have a delivery in.
 A hoodie for my 'dotty about sausage dogs' Gen (remember Daisy Dog?). I used the pattern for my purple hoodie and took 2 inches out of the middle of each pattern bit. A funny moment with the hood which turned out to be the pockets. It all came together really quickly and fits perfectly as if it was made by a pattern. And the best bit, Gen loves it!

 This doesn't look like much but satin bias on double folded muslin. I overlocked the muslin to begin with then spent the best part of an hour attaching the binding! I hope Ingrid likes it!!!
Now I am working on a travel wallet for myself and I also finished 4 fabric napkins at sewing yesterday. Happy something else can be crossed off my to do list!

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