Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rain Jacket

Feast or famine around here with sewing... Working has really put a dent in my sewing time but at least when I sew I sew with purpose...

First up is my most recent finish, I finished it about an hour ago, Amelia finally has a new raincoat! I started this about 6 weeks ago at my sewing class. I decided to do it there as my teacher knows all there is to know about making coats. She's also recently become a Grandma to a little girl... I am glad I didn't go it alone as I think it could have had a very different outcome.

This is the Amy Butler Little Splash Abouts Hooded Raincoat and Runabout Jacket Pattern.. I bought it when Quilthome had a sale on Amy Butler. In fact I bought all the things for this project from Quilthome when they were on sale! The fabric is Queen Street Laminate by Jennifer Paganelli. It is a beautiful fabric, both colour and feeling, it isn't plastic at all, well it is but it isn't a thick fabric. The lining is a Michel Miller Gypsy Bandana in pink.

 The front
The back
Pretty proud of my pockets!

So, this pattern, I feel like I need to do 'the good, the bad and the ugly' about it because it was a little frustrating... 

Firstly, it told me I needed WAY too much fabric, which at $20 a yard is a costly expense, especially when it was 2 yards too much purchased. But, from what I have been reading Amy Butler is a bit notorious for generous estimating of fabric requirements.

The back piece in the pattern said to 'cut 2' when all you were going to do was sew a seam up the back, not really necessary in a raincoat so we cut one on the fold.

The markings on the pattern pieces were really confusing, the standard 'cut on the fold' marking from paper patterns like Simplicity and McCalls, was used pretty much everywhere on the pattern for size markings. 

The instructions were OVER complicated, really over complicated! Thank goodness for teacher Chris and also my own jacket making experience. We ended up ditching the instructions altogether and doing our own thing.

The belt... the belt would have to be the hardest part of this garment. It was 4 bits, sew 2 halves together then sew the long bits together, right sides facing leaving a turning gap then turn right sides out. Problem is, it's laminate, it sticks, to itself. Took me HALF an HOUR to turn it right side out and when I did it was so creased it looked like a dogs breakfast! Can't iron laminate easily! Grrr... I would have cut it in one bit, double sided, hemmed the short ends then folded in half then in half again and stitched it. Not to worry, next time...

If you are going to sew laminate I thoroughly recommend investing in a teflon foot, makes easy work of the sticky material and you will need clips not pins. I bought clips but to be honest they look just like girls hairclips so if you have a dozen or so snap clips laying around, pop them in your sewing box.

The good... well, it's a lovely jacket! We made a size 10 (Amelia is 6) and I don't think we will get more than 2 years out of it. If she gets taller not broader we might get 3!

We are both thrilled with the result. Now, not that I want to have bad weather, but we need some rain to road test it properly.

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  1. Well this is an awesome raincoat. Great fabric choices. I love laminate but have never sewn with it. I have been known to buy a lot of the old Penny Scallan raincoats and lunch bags because they are so durable in laminate. I have never thought of making my own. Good to know that the AB pattern is a challenge. Wish I could do your classes for it.