Saturday, August 4, 2012

School costumes...

Shakespeare festival, the highlight of our school calendar year, is upon us once more.

There are 4 class parents across the 2 classes in our year, 3 of us are sewers and the 4th is so enthusiastic and willing to give anything a go it's so lovely! We all get on so well too, always a bonus. Last year I was fortunate to be 'educated' in the costume department by one of the long standing teachers aids which has set us up with a headstart for this year. There was very little that needed sewing, just a few things...

We needed some sashes and some collars - the collars are worn with a plain white t-shirt, a purple skirt (or it could be pants) with an apron over the top. As an ensemble it looks fantastic and I am so proud it was all my design! Collars and aprons!!

 Some aprons - there were 5 other ones with a purple band on them but I can't seem to find a picture of them (and I know I took one!)

And 3 brown tunics (which turned out more like dresses but will suit many a play for many a year to come!)

Roll on August 20th when we get to see it all come together!

Not very exciting but it is sewing and are finishes!

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