Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas sewing

Wow, what a long time since a post and there has been a lot of sewing action!

So, Christmas... I had some grande idea of making placemats as gifts and table runners. I managed to make 10 placemats for Christmas Day which sadly some of them partially disintergrated on their first wash... And the lovely stars on the sheer material in the runners melted away as well. Quite disheartening. But here are some images anyway.

Pretty huh?

I made most of the runners with borders and mostly rectangular or square depending on the table they were destined for.

With the set back of the disintergration I have decided to start my Xmas sewing a lot earlier this year AND pre-wash the fabric this time :-) I managed to score some beautiful fabrics from Spotlight in the 50% off sale so will set about making even more beautiful things for this year (that wont fall apart!).

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