Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gift for JB

My very good friend, lets call her JB, has just purchased a house and has done a substantial amount of minor improvements to the house, mainly outdoors. One of which has been to add a massive 72 square meter pergola out the back. We went shopping one Sunday and found a gorgeous 10 seater wooden table and chair set and she did a deal with a bbq, heater and some cushions for the chairs.

Really stuck for something to buy her for Christmas I decided to make her a table cloth and runner and, you guessed it, placemats! I was on a bit of a role and this was pre reports of disintergration. So, Amelia and I set off to Spotlight once again with measurements in hands and returned triumphant and set about cutting and pinning and sewing.

So we have a massive table cloth, the runner and the placmats. I really like the placemats, my own design! JB was thrilled with her haul, very proud indeed as was I that something so simple could give such joy.

We went to JB's for dinner a few weekends ago to Christen the table and the cloth, and in true Sarah style I think I was the first person to dollop a drip of Nacho sauce on the cloth!!

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