Saturday, January 30, 2010

Layer Skirt

Last night my friend Lisa and I were salivating over fabric and patterns till almost the wee small hours of the morning and she sent me the link for this lovely little skirt.

Bored rigid this afternoon because it was hot, I am tired and Amelia had ticked me off no end this morning I decided to give the skirt a go. I have had some assorted purple/mauve fabric put to one side with the idea of making a summer dress or another Oliver+S skirt but threw caution to the wind.

Sadly I got a big caught up in the layers and wanted to add 2 more but forgetting Amelia is only 115cm tall (only!!) I had to leave 2 layers off and take a few cm's off the top layer but it is done and looks great! Amelia loves it and can't wait till the morning to wear it, could be another story when the sun comes up but... I might have prefered more gathers, if I make this again I will probably play with the layer length a bit.

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