Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 skirts for 2 pre-teen girls

The family of our flower girl have been very generous to us in many ways over the years and being that the only have one child, a tall daughter, we get a lot of hand me downs. I know this is out of the kindness of their hearts and they don't expect anything in return but I still feel bad that we gain and they get nothing, so, I asked if K would like a skirt in return for her donations.

I made an Oliver +S skirt initially but then thought I would get brave and make somehting with a pattern!

Once again Amelia and I headed to Spotlight and searched books, short listed a few patterns and settled on this one (mainly because it was the only one in stock!). We did skirt D.

Fabrics purchased, we headed home and sadly it has takne me many weeks to sew something that uninterrupted essentially would have taken an hour from cutting the pattern to final press.

So the Oliver+S skirt was whipped up in a thrice but no photo was taken. And these are the the 2 skirts I made, one for K and one for my niece G. K's is the 3 colour skirt, G's is the stripey one. Both size 10 but I think, even though both girls aare very tall, they will be miles too long!

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