Thursday, November 26, 2009

A long plane trip

A friend of mine is about to embark on a 24 hour non stop plane trip to the UK with her almost 2 y/o in tow. Inspired by this on my friends blog a week or so ago I instantly thought that something like it would work for this little boy. Technically the cars are for 3 yrs plus but he isn't a 'things in the mouth' kid and will be with his mum 24/7 so I am sure it will be fine.

So there are 5 little pockets for cars at the bottom on the lft and a big pocket that some little board books I bought today fit nicely in. I decided not to put any buttons or clips on it opting for a quick tuck to keep it altoghter. And in case you are wondering... the black bits between the circles are BRIDGES over the WATER! Get creative with the thoughts people!

Mine is nowhere as nice as Lisa's but for something thrown together with no pattern and not even a car to measure things it didn't come up too bad! I think it will do the job nicely and if it survives the journey and gets trashed, all well and good, job done! And thank you dear husband for donating one of your 'not worn anymore and have about a gazillion of them' faded black tee-shirts. I needed something for the road :-)

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