Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wet Sunday, Occupied Child = productive afternoon

With a little friends 4th birthday looming and the mother falling in love with a skirt Amelia wore to their place recent for a play date it was decided said friend would like a/some skirt/s for her birthday...

We head off to Spotlight to see what if anything was left of the summer prints, it was pretty dismal when we were there a few weeks ago. Amelia declared 4 skirts would be made and she was in charge of the fabric! Once again she has done me proud with her selections.

A lovely aqua blue with tiny fish, an old English Rose, a yellow and blue butterfly print and quite a bold flower print. The little girl these are destined for is a redhead. As I know full well. being a redhead myself, there are some colours best worn away from your face! Pink and yellow are 2 such colours BUT they are this little girls favourite colours so I have done my best!

This little girl is also not afraid of showing her knees, unlike my modest little girl, so these are a bit shorter than I would have made for Amelia. I wanted to make one skirt a little different so rather than just the band at the bottom I have added the pattern fabric as well. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't? I like it... I have taken a total guess with the waist so fingers crossed!

I love the petrol blue with the fishy fabric and I adore the lime with the flowers!

For the yellow and blue butterfly fabric I wanted to do something a bit different. Inspired by a creative person on Mel's Blog I decided to try making a dress with this fabric. I am also not a fan of halter necks on myself and Amelia swings between neck to knee coverage and wearing nothing so quite possible wasted on her I decided to give this a whirl. If it isn't worn it is no big deal!

The Oliver+S lazy day skirt pattern is SUCH a great pattern! I made ALL of these today in 4 hours! Even I am impressed!!

I hope this little girl likes them, I am sure she will.

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  1. Aren't these quick?!! We have some of the blue fishy fabric and Bella loves it too, I'm sure Amelia's friend will love all of these.