Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hopscotch on its way to France & MORE skirts!

Amelia declared once her Hopscotch was made that yes, her cousin Lucy *would* like one too and it has been a work in progress forever! In fact it has been so long I missed surface post to Europe!

But, the machine has worked overtime today and 'tis complete. Now, yes, it does only go up to 8 but the hopscotch I remember playing in England only goes up to 8 so this one stops at 8. I did think of verifying it with my cousin but that would involve telling her what Lucy was going to get for Christmas and giving her the opportunity to say no!

So here we are

And on the back we used blue with stars.

It has grown on me but I really feel the numbers look better as light felt. Happy it is done and I hope Lucy will get loads of use out of it when she is at their holiday house particularly over winter and in Paris. Being easy to transport I hope it will go back and forth on the TGV with them!

And I am on a bit of a roll with the Oliver+S lazy days skirts. I have quite a bit of the stripey material left over and I have no idea why I have so much ribbon for the hopscotch so I sort of really followed the pattern this time and made this for a good friends little girl. The daughter has really dark olive skin, I think she will be able to carry the strength of these colours off really well.

And so my other friend won't be left out (yes sad, I only have 2 friends!) I made one for her little girl too! The 3 of us are hitting the markets at Flemington at some ridiculous hour Saturday morning to gather supplies for a family fun day fundraiser for the pre-school on Sunday, these will be good things to take the girls minds off the time we will be up!

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