Saturday, October 10, 2009

A sew-a-long

A week or so ago I was reading Mel's blog and I saw the invitation to a sew-a-long. An Oliver+s lazy days skirt. Now I am pretty new to the sewing scene and I thought to myself, yeah, wouldn't mind but didn't know if I could do it and if my sewing would be of sewing bloggers standards! The lure of an 'easy and really quick to sew skirt' was the big draw card. Then I got my dates muddled up and thought the week it was on was last week and we were away... but it is next week, we will be here, Stef is off work and Amelia on school holidays, it is all good!

So today we went to Spotlight armed with Daddy - for some reason it was important to Amelia that Daddy be along on this trip. She walked him from the car to the store and through the store straight to the fabric section . She even got the isle right!! Wandering the bolts she ran her fingers along the material and was saying yes this one is nice, this one is okay, I don't like this one and then those lovely 8 words, straight out of a 4 y/o's mouth 'Hey Mum, this would make a pretty skirt' and with that she whipped the bolt off the shelf, thrust it AT Daddy and moved along to the next bolt... I am a little intrigued by her fabric selection but I am beginning to learn that she does have a good eye...

4 skirt fabrics selected, blue starfish, pink ladybugs, orange and green flowers and a random bright colour little flowers, we headed off to the remnants bin to find some plain contrasting material when we spotted a bolt of polka dot material the same as the one we used on the top of the hopscotch (posted 7/9/09) but in Christmas colours AND it was marked down from $12.99 to only $4 a metre! BARGAIN!! I'll have that thank you very much, all of it, no idea what for but I have some plans for doing something Christmassy so it shall be stored and used.

Then there was a discussion overheard about a denim skirt, 'What's denim mum, is that like my Winnie the Pooh skirt?', 'yes, why?', 'it's a bit small, could you make me another one like that please?', 'sure, we can give it a go'. So off we headed to the denim fabric and she spotted the purple one, done, easy. Off to the checkout.

I am pretty proud of the selections she made and I am also glad Stef came along as he got involved as well and our haul came in at under $45! Did I get ripped off? 3.5m of polka dot, 4 .5m, some random remnants, 1m denim and 2m of rick rack and a box of buttons. Not sure about the orange material but I think it will grow on me...

So, come Monday these will be created into skirts apparently and blogged!

And here is the purple denim and some rick rack I will decorate the skirt with. I might even be tempted to make a bag to go with it... there's no stopping me!

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