Monday, October 12, 2009

Swirly Skirt Sew-a-long day 1

So, simply put, how bloody easy was this skirt to make? Challenging? Nope, not in the slightest! The only challenge is going to be to know when to stop making these! There are only so many skirts a girl can wear...

Skirt one - blue star fish with a plain blue border. I have enough of both fabrics to make one in reverse which will go in a parcel to my friend in Melbourne for her little girl, in fact Estelle might end up with a few skirts! I have a feeling anyone who is under 10 and has a birthday will end up with one of these as a gift boy or girl!!

Now, I have to say, Amelia saw Mel's post with Bella jumping. The skirt Bella is wearing has a border not ribbon or trim so, that is what Amelia wants with her skirts. When Stef has forgiven me for spending as much as I have both in time and in money in Spotlight recently I will venture in again and emerge with ribbon and fabric and make one strictly as per the pattern!

tomorrow... orange, pink or multi coloured flowers... oh I wonder...