Monday, October 5, 2009

Block 2...

What seems like forever ago Amelia and I took a drive upto Country Pickin's at the Corner in Dural and purchased block 2 of Natalie Ross' Blossom Creek... About 2 weeks ago one Sunday morning while we watched Marley and Me (with a box of tissues!!) while Stef was sleeping after night shift, I traced and cut out the pattern, did the Vlisofix thing and on Friday night I set up the ironing board and set about putting pattern to fabric.

Amelia has discovered she 'likes to do the ironing' now so that chore is now relegated to when she is asleep i.e.: at night when I am knackered, unless I want help! Don't panic, I am with her all the time when she wants to iron, don't take my eyes off her for a second. Her idea of ironing is to do the front of the tee-shirt and nothing else of that particular garment! I don't think she would earn her brownie badge in ironing with her current technique!!

And here we are... all set ready for stitching... I stuffed up a little with the placement of some bits but with a 4 y/o standing on an Ikea step right under your feet, touching things as you are trying to heat them... say no more.

We are off to Canberra in the morning, checked the weather down there for the next few days, in a word FREEZING not to mention WET... but we are going none the less and will take lots of warm clothes. And Candy Corner will come with me, to do inthe car, in the evenings, whenever the mood takes me really...

I haven't done the borders for block one yet, I thought I would wait and do block 2 at the same time, give me a better idea of layout and stuff. And besides, the sewing machine hasn't been out for a few weeks with Amelia's birthday party preparations taking over my life! All behind us now. A great party!!

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  1. It's look so beautiful!! I really love the pretty colours you're using. I also wanted to say how gorgeous the hopscotch turned out too - I meant to leave a comment a while ago when I checked in, but got distracted and just remembered then that I hadn't told you how fab it looked.
    You're sewing like crazy!!