Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First project 2014!

Happy New Year! 2014 is going to be great. It has to be better than 2013 for us, that's for sure.

So, a Xmas pressie to return, some headphones to replace and some coffee to replenish saw us at Chatswood Chase today, sadly 2 of the 3 stores we needed weren't open so we had a bite of morning tea and headed home. As we were heading back to the car Stef asked Amelia and I what we'd like to do for the afternoon then suggested sewing! (I secretly think he is sucking up for something...).

Before we packed the sewing away for Xmas I put some order into the projects bagging fabric and patterns with 'view' to be made with fabric choice. The mending or adjusting pile needs an afternoon but there are 'things' madam is hanging to be made; pyjama's, a night dress, a dresses and a skirt. And they get priority (apparently). I let Amelia choose what she would like made first and she chose PJ's...

I have made this Simplicity pattern in many forms in the past few years, summer, gifts, winter, nightdresses and one PJ's in 2 different fabrics because I misread the pattern...!

From cutting to sewing up the legs I think took me under 3 hours. We decided against the frills on the legs and the bow on the shirt (we couldn't tie it properly). I made them in a size 14 (her measurements according to the pattern said she was between a 12 and a 14) but in hindsight it is too big... It will do her a few years! The pants especially, they are more like harem pants than PJ bottoms but she loves them!!!

Excuse all the cr@p in the back ground, we are yet to tackle 'operation get all the Christmas gifts in the bedroom'. Haven't had the right head space to do it...

I also did a quick and dodgy repair on my favourite casual shorts... tomorrow, a skirt maybe?

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