Monday, January 27, 2014

Birthday Child Chair Cover

So... we have a new teacher this year, our first and I have some trepidation about the way things will work out but I am sure it will be fine. Roped into helping on Friday cover books and stuff I was part of a conversation that went something like...

Mrs T: 'I hear you are a pretty good sewer'
Me: 'um yes, I am not bad... but the quilt was done largely with Cherry as well, my partner in quilty crime'
Mrs T: 'Well, I need a few things sewn, could you (looking at me) do them for me please?'
Me: 'Sure, depends on what they are but I am sure it won't be a problem!'
Mrs T: 'Well, I need curtains for this room because the glare prevents the interactive white board from working and being seen by the children, we don't want to block out the light but we do need to block out the glare and in the 'take out' (special work room) we need the same as Daniel will be doing a lot of his work there and he can't handle the glare either.'
Me: 'This room might be a challenge but sure, I will give it a whirl'
Mrs T: 'the other thing I would like, is something to put over the back of a chair for when it is the child's birthday, to make them feel special.'
Me: 'Easy! I'd love to do that'.

And I did. No pattern, no anything just winged it and I hope it will fit the school chairs!

Had enormous fun with some of the stitches on my new machine, kept it simple and unisex. Fingers crossed she likes it! (and it fits the chairs). Now to design one and make them to sell!

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