Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finally something for Amelia!

Poor Amelia, she isn't exactly lacking in the clothes department but has seen many a cord skirt being made for this friend and those sisters and lots of other things being completed that weren't for her I couldn't help but think she might be feeling a bit left out.

When I bought the pinwale all those months ago I had always intended making her a tiered skirt. She is growing so fast now (in a size 10 almost) I am reluctant to make anything off her measurements and am turning to patterns. It's hard to find girlie patterns but I have had this Butterick pattern in the pattern box for a few months now... Taking a few basic measurements they were trying to tell me she was in a size 16 girls... using a skirt she has been wearing the week I settled on the size 10 thinking it still might be a bit big. She was desperate for a View C skirt (blue or yellow) but there wasn't enough fabric! That's one thing about tiered, gathered skirts... they EAT fabric!

So, knowing she likes frills, I decided that view E (the green skirt) might satisfy the girlie girl in her, and I had enough material, it relaly seemed like the best option really!

The instructions were, to put it mildly, crap. They might have started life in a different language and been translated into English (badly) for all the sense they made. I made it up as I went along and am reasonably happy with the results, as is Miss Fussy Pants.

The white thing hanging off the side is elastic and she is looking mightly colourful in her singlet... A slightly modified skirt with the frill just above the keen and a panel of fabric below it.

She has a mufti day next week at school, no guessing what she will want to wear!

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