Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Margaret

One of Amelia's besties, Maggie, turned 6 today and as luck would have it I had the pleasure of taking her home from school today as her mum had parent teacher interviews after school. Her party is on Sunday but there is something quite special about giving a child their gift on their actual birthday.

I had been playing with the zip on this skirt for a few days as I wasn't happy with the finish of it. I had also managed to, over the past few weeks, managed to overlock the seams because it was leaving me looking like a lamington everytime I touched it, I hated to think of what it would do in the wash!

I wanted to pop some of the dolls on a shirt to wear with the skirt but trying to find the right coloured shirt was prooving to be impossible! I bought 8, one was perfect! So I popped 3 dolls on one shirt and one birthday present made and one very happy girl and VERY very happy mum!

I also gave her this (her favourite colour is rainbow)

 And a Rainbow Magic Fairy 2012 Annual and a drawing box which has been super popular amongst 6 year old girls!

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