Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A hand stitching road trip

With what seems to have become our annual road trip holiday looming I needed something to do on the 2000+ km trek... I could not imagine sitting still for what had been marked up as 4 days minimum of driving. So, I took...

* Two pair of school socks that needed name labels sewn in

* Some badges to be sewn onto a Girl Guide Sash (not quite sure where that has ended up actually!)

* A zip in a cushion that needed some hand sewing attention to straighten it up a little

* A hexagon paper peicing I did in a class at the quilt show but didn't get to finish

* An odd ball of the 'wool' Elicia that I bought last year

* And the Liberty Bag for my mum that needs hand quilting (more on that in another post)

That should keep me busy, right? Plenty to do... nope!

I wasn't getting the results I was happy with on the bag so that's possibly best done stationery. The school socks were done before we'd got to Campbelltown and the badges before Wollongong... time for me to drive or it would be all done before the end of the first day.

And because I would be bored on the way home, while we were in Echuca, I bought 3 more balls of wool...
For Marley
For Alison

The pom pom 'wool' was the first pattern knitting I have attempted in about 30 years (I think I was about 10 or 11 when Mum first started to teach me to knit and I gave up when I was about 14!) so needless to say, I stuffed it up and have unpicked/unraveled it, ready to start again. Apparently Amelia and I will share this scarf.

I will state here that I am not a knitter. I don't really enjoy knitting, I find it quite boring (much to my mother's dismay) and slow but these one ball scarves are enough to hold my interest from start to finish. In fact, they would be the only knitted thing I have started and finished! I think I even have a baby jumper cast on somewhere in my bedroom at Mum and Dad's... I love looking at knitting patterns and love seeing kids in hand knitted jumpers and cardigans but for me to knit something - forget it!

And here is an award for initiative! I forgot to take my darning mushroom with us and trying to get the name labels on straight was a challenge. An upturned Tupperware travel mug worked just fine!

So that's what 'craft' I did on holiday and while I am happy I have got so many niggly jobs done I can't wait for sewing class on Saturday and I can get my teeth into a decent project!

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