Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 - on FIRE!

Wow, I am on fire this year so far! 14 days in and I have completed no less than 5 projects! So very happy with myself...

I joined a Facebook page called 52 week New Year sewalution. You can join here.

Basically the idea is once a week you sew a project and once a month there is a theme you have to sew, well, you don't have to but... January's theme was 'party' and there were a lot of Buntings and party frocks being made but I wanted to do something a bit different...

I bought this book ages ago and 'hid' it till the right time came about. Not hiding it from Stef, no point, he pays more attention to the credit card statement than I do! Desperate for a shower in peace I gave the book to Amelia and said 'I'd like to make some thing from this book that is to do with a party, have a look and pick something' and she did. Took several interruptions to choose and no real suprise she chose the calendar on the front cover! Once dry and decent we proceeded to talk about colours and attack the scraps bag. I am please to say I purchased nothing for this project, I had the lot! Pretty happy about that and it came together quite quickly once I got passed the hand stitching numbers and trying to understand the instructions!

It is far form perfect and still needs a bit of finishing but it's alright. It will do!

 Cut out, ready to go...

We chose to make a colourful 3 layer cake using our favourite colours to represent each layer. I really like the brightness of this! Sort of wish I had paid a but better attention and did things a bit straighter but I didn't and I aint redoing it!

The pattern was lots and lots of tiny cuts of fabric and not a lot of room for seam variation or 'beginner - intermediate' sewing experience. I would rewrite this pattern should I decide to do another (which is unlikely). There didn't seem to be any backing/ lining for the pockets and the bottom of it seemed to miss a whole row. It also didn't suggest you might like to use an alternate colour fabric to the ones in the pattern... it wasn't friendly!

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