Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project #4

My 14 y/o neice has discovered Dashunds or sausage dogs. We bought her some PJ's from Peter Alexander for Christmas and she was in raptures, rather a sweet little sausage dog pattern on them. Happy girl. Then Amelia and I went scouting in Spotlight for no particular reason and found the cutest fabric but only available in the one colour way, orange and blue. Not to worry we added a metre to our trolley and I started to think about what I could make for Gen. Initially I thought of a bag but then I Googled patterns for softies and decided I would give one a go. I am not a fan of buying patterns with no intention of using them so I asked around and a lady in a group I belong to on facebook dropped the pattern off to me whcih was so nice of her!

Introducing Miss Daisy Dog... 2 hours I think from cutting to stuffing...

Going to drop her off to Gen tomorrow on our way to the airport. Hope she likes her! If she doesn't, Amelia will have her in a heaartbeat!!!!!

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