Thursday, August 6, 2009

Itching for the machine now!

This morning before we headed off to Mothers Group Amelia helped me measure and cut out the pink and green squares (she kept the tape measure around her shoulders once I had finished with it and was seeing 'how much' everything was she could reach!) and handed me the numbers to pin on the pink squares. I will add that she handed them in order and even tried to 'trick' me handing me a 6 and telling me it was a 9...

She can see that the pile of fabric she helped select and then went crook at me for cutting up is begining to look a little like the picture now and is EVER so excited! Has even put in an order for a dress the same as the little girl playing Hopscotch in the magazine! Nice try kiddo, we shall see how good I am first at the basics!

So now I am busting to get sewing, I can see that it shouldn't take me very long at all. We drove past the shopping centre where the machine is being serviced this morning and she was devestated we couldn't pick it up!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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  1. YES, fingers crossed for you about your machine :)