Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the beginning...

I have sewn before, I am not new to sewing but it is all about time. It is always about time. But, time is something I will create more of for myself and hopefully create some things to give and some things to keep along the way. This is where I intend to plot the journey, who knows how long the plotting, or the journey, will last for!

I read a few crafty blogs from time to time, haven't launched into the world of give aways and sewing groups etc... I am always inspired and envious of the creations. One particular inspiration for a project I have decided to try was in the launch issue of Australian Home Sewn magazine which is edited by a customer of mine.

So, Babcia's sewing machine went in for a service and Amelia and I hit Spotlight and started putting this project together. Today I stole a whole 23 minutes and pinned and cut out part one. I will put the photos up with some captions, some time after tea tonight... the time I usually look after the other business but there isn't a while lot happening on that front at the moment. Perhaps if I get engrosed in something else things might pick up there, you just never know!

But for now, post one is done and the journey is underway!

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