Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rainbow quilt

I thought I had done a post on this but it would appear not!

One of the groups I belong to on Facebook is a Rainbow Swapping group. I had never given rainbows much thought or consideration other than looking at them in the sky but they have found a place in my heart along with some very special friends from this group. This is the group I went away with the Stroud in January this year. A great bunch of girls and a guy who would bend over backwards for you. They send you random gifts, include chocolates and stuff in swaps when they come back, I love them!

So, one of my first swaps was a width of fabric or WOF rainbow, a bright 90% tone on tone swap. I was blown away by the colours of the roll returned! Not sure what I was going to do with it someone shared or I found somewhere clicking on blogs and Pinterest a link to a 'strip and flip baby quilt'. Looked easy enough and something certainly achievable in a quick space of time.

Armed with some white homespun I whipped up the top and took it to Stroud with me to get some help with the stripping and flipping.

Many months later I got around to basting and trying my hand at some FMQ and while it wasn't difficult and I have a long way to go to be as good as a lot of other people out there I am happy with the result. Quilted with a variegated rainbow KingTut thread left over from the leaves on this with a bright blue back and almost fluro yellow binding!

I tried to FMQ a pattern that was reflected in the fabric of the strip I was sewing on. I only sewed alternate rows as the batting was quilt lite and that doesn't need a lot of sewing. I might get brave and take some close up's of the stitches...

This now resides on the back of my chair and has been used almost every day. 20 years ago I never imagined I would have a quilt on the back of my chair let alone use it if I had one, how times have changed!

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