Sunday, October 6, 2013

In overdrive! RBHBQ's here we come!

Most of my friends have finished their families, a bit sad when I have just started sewing quilts really... But I have 2 friends who are currently pregnant. D&M and A&C. This is a post with very mixed emotions so please bear that in mind when reading it.

I used to be D's boss in my last corporate job, then D used to mow our lawns. D married M a few years ago now and I am over the moon they are finally having a baby!

I went to college with C (8 years ago). Tragically 2 years ago she had stillborn twin boys Eli and Cody. Simply tragic that they both passed away. She was 9 months pregnant, a few days overdue actually. For what ever reason these beautiful bubba's weren't compatible with life and it has been a hard road for her and her husband since their birth. But we are delighted she is pregnant again, now 28 weeks and everything looks to be travelling nicely for her. I am sure this is the easy part for her, the hard part will be in 18-20 weeks time as the birth gets closer. I hope she doesn't leave the hospital empty handed again... This will be her rainbow baby... which got me thinking...

I am a sucker for quilts with a lot of white. Love them. I haven't seen Molli's flikr group with everyones WIPs' for his QAL and to be honest I didn't want to quash my idea before it had taken off. Amelia and I have signed up for a few swaps so we had to go to a LQS to choose the fabric. While I was there I looked for a white white on white fabric that would be suitable for a baby.

And then the creating began...

 Sashing ready to go...
 Sewing strips
First up - pink!

Next off the rank is red!

Next is blue, but the family needed feeding last night and I was very tired so I had to stop!

Still working out how much fabric I will need for one of these but so far it looks like I can do a block from one strip pair and one extra strip of sashing. This will mean I will have enough fabric for quilts for both baby's but they won't be gifted till these bubba's are home and in their cots.

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